Episode 5685

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2013
UK Air Date: 22nd March 2013
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Danny Raco

With Dex’s support, Sid moves back to the farmhouse to start all over again. Romeo and Indi get a loan to re-open the gym, and Sid joins them as a silent partner. Celia’s gambling partner Sheldon arrives and offers the chance to make money off one last bet.

Extended Summary

Dex is the perfect shoulder to lean on for Sid, who has decided it’s the right time to leave the psychiatric facility. With a chance to think everything over, Sid decides that he’s not going to sweat the small stuff – he’s going to make decisions based on what’s best for him and his family. Romeo and Indi are doing likewise but are having trouble succeeding. After failing to impress Harvey and Roo with their business loan pitch, the bank rejects them. It seems their dream of running the gym is over. That is until Sid announces at dinner that he’s looking to join them as a silent partner. With Sid’s financial input, Romeo and Indi arrive back at the unfurnished gym to announce their good news – they got the loan and the gym is theirs!

Upon Marilyn’s advice, Celia calls the man responsible for all of her gambling problems – Sheldon. Alf is not happy when Sheldon arrives at Summer Bay House, but is talked around by Celia, who claims that they are going to get help for their gambling addiction. With the revelation they are seeking help, Alf returns money he’s been guarding from Celia – she’ll need it if she’s returning to Africa. However, Sheldon soon gets hold of it, telling Celia he’s got a great tip that will see the money triple and set them up for life. Celia is left with the decision to keep the money or have one last bet. What will she do?