Episode 5682

Australian Air Date: 19th February 2013
UK Air Date: 19th March 2013
Writer: Jason Smith
Director: Danny Raco

Tamara finds a place to live at Irene’s. Casey’s sacked by John at the Surf Club. Heath turns a new leaf and takes over Angelo’s.

Extended Summary

Tanya expresses concern to Roo about Maddy’s future. It transpires that when Maddy returns home, she’ll be attending a different school to Spencer so that she can focus on her music. Roo wonders if that’s what Maddy wants, but Tanya makes it clear that it’s what is best for her daughter. Having said goodbye to Spencer and Maddy, Roo finds the old violin that Alf had bought for Maddy. She confides in Harvey, regretting the decision to let the kids go. This leads to a touching moment between the two – they make a really great team.

Tamara gets some good news when April finds her a place to live at Irene’s. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when John is forced to sack Casey from his new job at the Surf Club – the committee refuse to keep him on.

After talking to April and Irene about her relationship dramas, Bianca heads to the share house to confront Heath – he doesn’t get to take his Darcy problems out on her. The message gets through as Heath takes up responsibility of not just his relationship, but Angelo’s too. This doesn’t read so well for Liam, who is moved from his post as manager and made dish pig for the day. With tensions rising, Heath offers Liam the opportunity to punch him. Stirring the pot, Liam finally gives in, not punching Heath once but twice.