Episode 5683

Australian Air Date: 20th February 2013
UK Air Date: 20th March 2013
Writer: Cameron Welsh
Director: Danny Raco

Heath demotes Liam and promotes himself at Angelo’s. Liam steals money from the till. Sasha gives April a hard time after she discovers she helped Tamara with a place to stay at Irene’s. Jett’s made to do an assignment on his own by bully Tilda.

Extended Summary

Heath demotes Liam full-time and promotes himself to manager. Liam takes it well, knowing the obvious will happen – the business will crumble under Heath’s guidance. Despite the protestations of Kyle, Liam lets Heath sink the ship, losing money to customers left, right and centre. Taking money from the registers after close, it appears Liam’s motivations behind wanting Heath to fail go a little further than a personal grudge…

Sasha gets angry with April after discovering that she helped Tamara get accommodation at Irene’s. Apologising for her behaviour, Sasha admits that it’s hard to get her head around the fact that Casey chose Tamara over her.

Jett is bullied into completing an assignment by classmate Tilda. Standing up to her does no good when Tilda again forces the issue – cross her and she’ll make his life a living hell. Sasha notices the angst between the two, curious that Rosie’s little sister is giving Jett such a hard time. However, Sasha finds out from Jett that Tilda is not Rosie’s sister ‘Hannah’ at all. Sasha follows Rosie home, arriving to find that she lives on her own.