Mackenzie meets a stranger. Tensions swell between Tori and Justin. Martha grapples with life in the bay.


Tane and Ari team up. Angelo has a witness. Bella and Nikau’s move is up in the air.


The boys get their story straight. Angelo asks too much of Taylor. Bella’s farewell is full of surprises.


Colby’s reality starts to sink in. With so much unknown, accusations come thick and fast. Ziggy tries to be there for both Bella and Dean.


The thought of losing Dean to prison forces Ziggy to admit her feelings. The path to romance remains rocky for Tori and Christian. Martha is finally honest with Alf.


Alf and Martha make great strides together. Tori and Christian take things to the next level. Owen’s sudden return to the bay frazzles Roo. Justin admits his struggle to Leah.


Leon sends out an ominous warning to the Paratas. Roo and Owen struggle to navigate their tricky reconciliation. Leah is petrified when Justin’s condition worsens.


Ari backs his brother. John dives into the dating world. Justin’s back in hospital.


Jasmine puts everything on the line for her friend. Mac confronts Dean. Colby lashes out at Ziggy.


Mac’s concern boils over. Tori prepares for Grace’s birthday party. John’s latest hobby hits a nerve.


Jasmine questions her place. Grace’s birthday party ends prematurely in shock. Roo confronts her feelings.


Colby prepares for the inevitable. Angelo’s mystery witness provides the damning evidence he needs. Owen makes the final decision on his and Roo’s relationship. Marilyn dives into the online dating scene.


Colby’s trial begins with a bombshell as the identity of Witness X is revealed. Marilyn hides the true reason she’s on a dating app.


Colby takes the stand. Marilyn’s plan to make John jealous backfires. Can Angelo and Taylor rekindle their relationship?


Mackenzie has a plan to get rid of Leon. Justin lashes out at those who care. Ryder gets caught in the middle of John and Marilyn.


Will Mackenzie be able to drive home her plan? Is Tane’s advice the only thing Ziggy wants? Justin and Christian are at odds with Tori. Alf asks questions he doesn’t want answers to.


Bella and Dean struggle in their own ways. Fears grow as Justin’s future hangs in the balance. Ryder makes a hard choice. A mysterious letter arrives for Martha.


Dean puts his heart on the line. Martha is harbouring a secret. Tane comes to Ziggy’s aid.


Ziggy won’t back down. John prepares for a date. Ari receives a troubling text.


Tori and Christian clash over Jasmine. John’s date is a disappointment. Ari and Tane consider their options.

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