Tori faces every mother’s worst nightmare. Colby has two active investigations on his hands. Nikau realises he’s made the biggest mistake of his life.


Tori struggles to forgive herself. Jasmine takes matters into her own hands. Gemma makes big family plans. Colby’s investigations are thwarted.


Jasmine is confronted over her recent behaviour. Ryder struggles to live a normal life. Maggie has concerns about the future.


Maggie and Ben make major plans. Marilyn and John struggle to see eye to eye. Ryder gets some heartening news from Evan.


Colby makes an unforgiveable decision. Gemma, Ari, Tane and Nikau begin their journey. Marilyn gets some much needed respite.


The Parata men farewell Mikaere in a deeply spiritual way. Ziggy receives a generous offer. Ben and Maggie’s adventure is imminent.


Dean accepts an unexpected proposition. Ziggy seeks closure. Tane disappoints Ari.


It’s a special celebration for Ben and Maggie. Ziggy and Dean overcome challenges. Marilyn and John make hard decisions about their marriage.


Marilyn and John reach the point of no return. Tori draws a line in the sand. Ryder encourages Alf to seize every moment.


Jasmine’s behaviour reaches a crescendo. Nikau and Bella’s relationship continues to blossom. Tori makes an impossible choice.


Jasmine’s anguish is undeniable. Tori protects Grace at all costs. Bella and Nikau take one step forward and two steps back.


Tori draws a line in the sand. Ari doesn’t want Mackenzie’s pity. Jasmine shocks Irene.


Tane does a good deed. Ari and Mackenzie overcome challenges. Irene is deeply troubled. Leah gives Justin some home truths.


Amber arrives in the Bay. Tane starts his new job. Dean is shocked to learn Mackenzie’s secret.


Amber and Colby share a dark past. John’s rehab progresses. Ziggy and Amber meet.


Amber still refuses to forgive Colby. Marilyn finds the change a hard adjustment. Willow reflects on all her failing friendships.


Tane lets Mac down. Bella and Nikau’s date night is ruined. Willow and Amber have a wild night out.


Nikau tries to plan a new date for Bella. Mac doesn’t go easy on Tane. Irene feels helpless with Jasmine. Roo returns with sad news.


Ryder is in shock over his dad. Irene and Colby decide to make a mercy dash. Tori and Justin battle over Jasmine.


Jasmine feels like there is no place for her. Marilyn agrees to make a permanent change. Tori is nervous about hearing from Jasmine.