Episode 1442

Australian Air Date: 12th April 1994
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Fisher throws Irene’s plan to buy the beach house into turmoil.

Extended Summary

Damian talks about Irene renovating the beach house. Sam hears her and when Sally mentions that some stranger may buy it, Sam complains that he may never be allowed in there again. Fisher drops by to pick up Sam. Sam asks him could they go to the beach house instead. When they are there, Sam goes under the bed and removes something from the hole. He tells them of his plan to keep it until 2050 and then sell it as an antique. Luke tells them he did the same thing; at this point, Sam cries.

Shane and Damian are given hell from Angel who is appalled to hear them going to see a movie that “degrades women”. Shane reminds her of her nightclub event and asks her why she did not ask him to tag along to sip cocktails.

Shane and Damian are waiting for Jack who has not arrived yet; he decides to give him five more minutes. Jack arrives and Damian asks him why is he there – he says that Pippa is in the kitchen with Irene. Shane points out that they may have difficulty getting in as Jack does not pass for 18. Jack comes up with an idea: just before they get in, he’ll get in the boot.

Angel complains to Nick about Shane and Damian’s indecency by going to a pornographic movie. He tries to understand what is she talking about – is she complaining because she was not invited or is it the movie? He asks her why did she not invite him to Yabbie Creek.

Fisher calls into see Sam but he is gone to bed. He tells Pippa of his decision to buy the beach house. She is taken aback by this: she mentions that he is fond of his runners also, but it does not mean she’ll get them bronzed! She says that he’ll get over it but Fisher tells her he has been through a lot and why should he have to bounce back.

Damian and Shane have difficulty getting through and are asked for IDs. They say that he’d have to wait for 20 minutes if they go back. A car behind them beeps the horn and the ticket collector tells Shane to keep Damian in the car. He lets them in. They pop out for food. The films starts later and they enjoy it. Damian complains to Shane about Jack as Shane wishes to keep him in the boot all night. Jack bangs, demanding go to the loo; Shane tells him he has to hold on and that he is staying there as a lesson not to mess with him. Later on, during a part, Jack complains. Damian has had enough of Jack complaining in the boot, warning that they could be kicked out, and grabs the keys. He tries to open it but the key snaps with the broken part remaining in the lock…

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