Episode 1443

Australian Air Date: 13th April 1994
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Sarah is mortified to discover that her relationship with Nathan is the basis of Angel’s story.

Extended Summary

Damian and Shane try to open the boot but to no avail. Damian says that pliers would be needed to open it; there is one in the boot so he suggests going back home. Jack is getting impatient and yells: Shane tells him to shut up.

At the Rosses’, Pippa and Sally are waiting for the lads to return home. Sally tells her there’s about an hour left and Damian then creeps inside. Unfortunately for him, they heard the door shut. Pippa asks him how was the movie. Damian lies that it was boring. He grabs Michael’s tool box and Pippa asks him what he is doing. He replies that there is a problem with the car but she says it can wait till the morning. She wants to watch him and he then gets nervous. She has seen through his lies.

Outside, Damian manages to open the boot. Jack jumps out as fast as he can. Shane says he’d better go as he has an interview, but Pippa shouts at them, ordering them to go inside. She is angry with their idiotic act, explaining that they could have killed Jack. She suggests locking them in the boot overnight. Believing her, Shane asks her is she serious. She says that she would not do it as she is not that cruel.

Irene is getting more worried since she realised that Fisher is buying the beach house. when she drops into the Diner, Ailsa tells her that Alf says that she can stick with the same shifts if she wants to. She is not happy and Ailsa and Pippa ask her what’s wrong. The settlement has come through for her old place in the city, but she is disappointed that it is not enough to outbid him. Pippa mentions that, despite Sam being upset yesterday, he is fine now.

Irene goes to the school to see Fisher and tries to convince him not to bid for the house. She says that Pippa mentioned that Sam is fine. He angrily says how would she know: he must be hurting inside. He asks her would she tell him this if she wasn’t buying the house. She does not answer and he tells her that her motives are purely selfish.

Angel goes to the shop to see if “The Stunning” has come out yet. Irene tells her it’ll be out in the morning. Angel says she can’t wait to see the results of the short story competition.

The next morning, in Fishers’, Shane admits to Fisher what he has done last night. Fisher is surprised by his guilty conscience. Angel comes down and he tells her he has an interview. Fisher then realises why Shane is admitting his foolish prank – so that he could get a good reference from Fisher.

Angel has a copy of the magazine and runs to see Shane at the beach. Her good news is that she has come third. Shane says she has won $100, but she says that it does not matter: the fact is that the company liked her story. At school, one of the girls tells her that she likes her story and asks her is she still friends with Sarah. Angel tells him if Kate is thick and has worked out the story, everyone including Sarah will realise the story.

Angel is getting more worried about the story. Ailsa tells her that she likes her story and says that she can’t believe that both her and Alf were that stupid. Angel gets more convinced that Sarah will discover the story, but Shane is positive that she won’t realise it.

Sarah has read Angel’s story and asks Damian if he has read it. He says he has not read it yet and she says she cannot believe that Angel has used her: everything she told her was in total confidence and she has written about her and Nathan…

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