Episode 1444

Australian Air Date: 14th April 1994
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Haydn stumbles in his resolve to quit gambling.

Extended Summary

Sarah is very upset and when Angel calls her in the corridor, and shouts at her, prompting Roxy to quieten them down.

Haydn is feeling a bit bored and talks to Michael: he tells him he’d rather be busy as it takes his mind off gambling. Michael tells him he has put in a lot of effort and he needs a break. He advises him to think of a clenched fist as a symbol of strength.

Things are slow at the boatshed so Michael gives Haydn the afternoon off so that he could go for a picnic with Fin. at the beach, Haydn is really quiet. Roxy walks by at the beach and sees fin and Haydn. She walks up to them and Fin tells her her dress is ready. She calls over to pick it up and hands her $80. Fin asks him does he want to go to the movies and gives him some of her money. He has a thought of what he could do with the money.

Ailsa serves Angel in the Diner and asks Angel what is the matter. Angel tells her she has upset Sarah and that she can’t talk to her since she is grounded. Ailsa tells her that both her and Alf are working so no-one really can keep an eye on who visits Sarah, and suggests she go to see her.

Angel goes to see Sarah, but Sarah tells her to go away. Angel begs her to listen to her. She tells her she is very sorry and that she thought she had changed it enough. She says she never meant to hurt her. Sarah angrily tells her that she is grounded so Angel does not get into trouble. She is very angry at the fact that Angel was just using her for research while she was telling her things about Nathan in confidence. Angel claims it’s not true. Sarah yells, demanding her to get out.

Shane gets his references from Alf and Ailsa. Alf tells Nick that he thinks Shane is making a mistake leaving school. Nick mentions that he thinks Shane is afraid of failing his HSC, hence leaving earlier and mentions that he was afraid to play soccer earlier.

At Fisher’s, Shane is getting ready for the interview when Angel returns from the Stewarts’. She complains that she wished she hasn’t entered the stupid competition. Nick asks her what’s the matter but does not get a reply. Angel walks out, and nick asks Shane is it something he said. Shane says, “Isn’t is always?” and gives him an earful when he gives out to him for telling Alf about him. Shane tries to convince him that he is not afraid of failing, but that it is a waste of time. Angel tells Shane she has lost her best friend and Nick asks would anyone like to tell him what’s happening. He gets a look from Shane.

At the beach house, Haydn is a bit distracted and tells Fin he is going to check in on Michael at the boatshed. He runs to the beach and looks in the bin for the form guide. Unfortunately, it’s covered in food so he goes to the shop and buys the paper. He returns home and makes a phone call while the house is vacant. He talks to someone, but when Michael returns, he changes the subject. He lies to Michael that it was a customer checking out the place. Haydn asks him what’s he doing back early. Michael replies that he thought he’d give hiself an early mark. He mentions that he has brought the books and wishes to show him how they are kept. He is going through the books when he remembers someone asked him earlier for light globes. He grabs the bulb and leaves, telling him to have a glance at the books. Haydn goes to the phone and places a bet for $20…

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