Episode 1445

Australian Air Date: 15th April 1994
Writer: Tracey Doig / Trinder
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Tug’s dyslexia causes a near disaster. Haydn hopes he’s back on a winning streak.

Extended Summary

Sam comes downstairs and Michael asks him why isn’t he having a bath. He says the water is run and asks him for some plasters. Michael asks him what does he want them for. Sam replies that he wants them to stop blisters. Michael asks him why is he wearing his old runners and why isn’t he wearing the ones Fisher gave him and takes his foot off the table; Sam tells him they are the last pair Bobby gave him.

Tug calls over to Fishers’ to see Nick: he wants to check the time for his driving test. The test is at 10:30. He tells him it’s in the bag.

Fisher calls over to the Rosses to pick up Sam for the auction. Sam comes down wearing his usual clothes and Fisher asks him is he wearing them. Michael tells him to go up to change. Sam tells him he’ll change the shirt but not his boot runners. Michael asks Fisher the time of the auction and tells him he’ll bring him over and Fisher thanks him.

Irene is nervous about the auction. She asks Fisher how is he and he says he is also nervous. She says may the best man or woman win and he agrees. Fisher is complaining that Michael and Sam have not arrived yet. Just then, there is a door knock from Michael: he tells him Sam is not coming. He also says that when Pippa saw him wearing his old runners, she took him to the shops. Fisher complains that he is getting the house for him and Michael apologises.

The auction goes underway. The bidding begins, with Irene being very determined. Fisher seems to be distracted when he does not bid quickly. He bids but pulls out and so Irene wins. She is overjoyed that she even hugs the auctioneer!

Haydn is edgy today. He tries to work the radio, but discovers the batteries are dead. He returns home and calls. No one is there so he turns the radio on. He listens but only gets advertisements. Michael comes in and asks him does he have to have the radio on loud. The commentary on the races has begun and Haydn moves quickly to turn it off. He says he’d better be off and almost forgets to grab his hat.

Tug has his driving test and does very well that Nick is very impressed. Nick asks him who taught him how to drive. Tug replies that he taught himself and mentions that when his father was plastered, he’d hoon around the farm. Nick tells him he does not approve of the method but is impressed that it has worked. As the test goes on, Nick gets more impressed with him and tells him there’s one thing left for him to do: drive them back to the station. Tug remains confident and approaches a junction. He tells Nick he can’t see properly; there’s a truck blocking his view. Nick tells him he’ll let him know when his side is clear. Tug says his is clear and asks Nick of his side. Nick says “No”. Tug then drives and Nick shouts at him; Tug has caused a near accident. He tells him he thought he said “go”, but realises he misheard him.

Alf is at the store when Tug comes in: he tells him he has a few deliveries waiting for him. Tug tells him he has not got his Ps. He complains to Nick that he was doing well and he only made a small mistake. Nick tells him he should be grateful he is still alive and Tug says that it’s been so long since he was lucky, he does not know if he is.

Alf calls over to the Rosses with a delivery and Michael is trying to understand Haydn’s behaviour. He suggests that if he is so worried, he should ask Haydn. Michael does not want to as Haydn has make the first step and it’s up to him to trust him.

Tug tells Luke about the driving test. Luke asks him does he understand why he thought Nick said “go” instead of “no”. Tug tells him, yes. Haydn comes in and asks them would they mind him using the phone. He makes a call and is delighted to hear that he has won a bet. He says “Yes!” loudly that Luke hears him. Luke comments that he’s a happy man. He tells Tug that if he’s that worried about the test, he should do something about it. Tug tells Luke that he wishes to return to school and to try to kick his dyslexia problem. Luke is delighted to hear the news and shakes hands with him.

Haydn runs to the beach and finds Fin there; she asks him why is he happy as he was edgy earlier and yesterday. He tells her that he realised how lucky he is to have her and to have her support her…

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