Episode 1446

Australian Air Date: 18th April 1994
Writer: Fiona Hile
Director: Grant Brown

Sarah rejects Angel’s attempts to salvage their friendship. Jack takes desperate measures to remain in Pippa’s good books.

Extended Summary

Pippa asks Jack about his essay and reminds him that it’s due tomorrow. He tells her it’s not due for a week, but she suggests he gets an early start on it anyway. Damian tidies up the table and reads the page about Jack’s essay; he tells him the essay is due tomorrow. He tells him that Fisher would go mad if he does not hand it up tomorrow.

The next morning, Damian asks Jack has he done the essay yet. Jack tells him no, but will fake an illness. Damian tells him that Pippa will not fall for it after the last time, but Jack is sure he can pull it off. He complains to Pippa of his pains and she asks him where they are. He points to a few different places. She suggests calling the doctor, but Jack shows her a few more places. Pippa realises he is faking it and jokes that it’s a heart attack and that they’ll call an ambulance. Jack gives up and Haydn tells him she used to be a nurse; he asks her would he still have to go to school. She tells him yes.

Luke is at the Diner and Sarah asks him how did Tug do in his driving test. Shane overhears and asks him but Luke would not tell him. Shane realises that he has failed and runs off.

Shane goes to the store and asks Alf would he like him to do deliveries. Alf refuses but Ailsa tells him he should consider it. After Shane leaves, she tells him that he should think about hiring Shane for the deliveries and that he should stop pushing himself. She also mentions that he should make more time for his family, especially for Duncan. He tells her that he is as fit as a mallee bull when she asks him what is the matter!

Fisher is at the store and Alf asks what’s wrong with Angel. He replies that she and Sarah are feuding. Alf does not understand the feud and Fisher asks him what he thought of the story. He says he liked it, but Fisher tells him that the story bore a strong resemblance to the Stewarts. Alf laughs at this and tells him to come on; they are not as thick as the parents in the story. Fisher asks him has he got yesterday’s newspaper and Alf says he might have a few: he goes behind the counter to look under it. He yells and asks Fisher to come and help him: Alf now has pains in his back.

Angel is still down about Sarah. Shane and Angel have an argument because he has forgotten about her. He asks her what is the matter and he realises what he means. She says she has apologised and she does not know what else she can do. Shane tells her that there is not much she can do and suggests she forgets it.

Fisher helps Alf home and Sarah returns home also. He asks him will he call the doctor. Alf says no and Fisher offers to take him to a person in Yabbie Creek. He says no and begs him not to tell Ailsa otherwise she’d make a fuss. Sarah asks him will she call Tug to look after the store. She rings but the phone is engaged and leaves. Alf is asleep on the couch when Ailsa and Duncan return home. The next morning, Ailsa asks him for a hand with the laundry but he does not shift. Ailsa tells him to move over and he then complains about his back. She asks him why has he not said anything and he says that she would make a fuss over nothing. She says it’s not nothing and ells him he’s seeing the doctor whether he likes it or not.

Angel is over at the beach house talking to Tug: she tells him that Sarah might listen to him. Sarah comes in and sees Angel there. Angel says she is leaving and Sarah demands to know from Tug what was she doing there. She tells him he has to be quick as she has to go back to school. Tug tells her that she should give her a chance and asks her what is she going to do – write her off? Sarah tells him that is exactly what she is going to do. Sarah returns to school and Angel stops her asking her did she talk to Tug and what happened then. Sarah tells her she is pathetic as she can’t even clean up her own mess and that she has to get the others to do her dirty work. Damian asks Angel what is she going to do. She replies that she does not know but she will try again.

Jack asks his classmate, Chris, about the essay. Chris admits he has not done the essay either and suggests asking Fisher for an extension. Fisher appears in the corridor and is approached by them. He tells them he hopes that he won’t ask him for an extension and lies that he has his essay done. After Fisher leaves them, Damian asks them what’s happening and Shane tells him that Fisher will kill them. Jack goes for some water and Shane approaches him. Jack tells him not to think of pushing his head in the bubbler, but Shane tells him he won’t do anything as Fisher will take care of him.

During Fisher’s class, Shane nods off to sleep and Fisher asks him are they keeping him up. Fisher asks him for the name of the poet but he does not know. He tells him he should know as if he wrote the poem. Shane replies no and tells Damian he is not doing the HSC anyway. Fisher overhears his comment and tells him to go out into the corridor.

After their lesson with Luke outside, Jack says that they have Fisher up next and says that they may as well face the music. Chris tells him he is off to the beach. Jack heads back to the corridor. He pauses and tries to think of something. He sees a fire alarm and smiles. He bangs it, setting off the alarm, and Shane comes out of the classroom; Jack froze when he realises he has been caught. Shane smiles and Jack then runs past him…

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