Episode 1441

Australian Air Date: 11th April 1994
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Haydn and Fin vow to continue their relationship despite Irene’s disapproval. Shane plans to teach Jack a lesson.

Extended Summary

Irene rushes to the Ross house and tells Pippa and Michael that she has seen Haydn and Finlay kissing on the beach. Michael tries to convince her that they are old enough to make decisions but she says they have to agree to disagree. Haydn and Fin decide to tell others of their relationship and go to the beach house to let Irene there. She is not there so Fin suggests they go for a picnic.

In the school, Shane teases Sarah about the nightclub. He sees Jack and tells him that he thinks they are even. Jack does not think so and when rushing through the corridor, he puts a note saying ‘Kick me’ on his back. Sarah sees him and tries to tell Shane but he continues teasing her, so she forgets about telling him of the note.

Fin and Haydn are still at the beach house when Irene returns. She asks him to wait for her at the beach. Irene tries to convince her but Fin says that it’d be her problem if she gets hurt. Irene begs her to take it slowly then.

Luke tries to talk to Tug about remedial classes but he is not interested. Tug asks him would he ever give up and he replies that he won’t. He tells him his reason: every time he does something, they always blow up in his face. Luke admits he has never stopped to think from his point of view. Tug tells Luke what he could do to make himself better: he’ll get a driving licence and then he’ll be worth having around.

Damian spots Fin with Haydn and asks her what she is doing. She tells him he is having lunch. He warns that Pippa, Haydn and Irene would go mad if they find out. She tells him they already know.

Damian laughs when he sees the note on Shane’s back. Shane demands to know why everyone is laughing at him. Damian shows him the note and laughs that Jack has really got him this time. When they are in Alf’s shop, Shane sees an ad for an R-rated movie at the drive-in.

At the Diner, Damian advises Shane to stop getting even with Jack and that he should act mature. Shane tells Jack that he thinks they are even now. Damian returns home and asks Pippa if they can go to the drive-in. She agrees to let him go as long as he comes straight back after the movie. Jack moans after hearing their conversation. Shane takes advantage of this opportunity: he tells him that if he can manage to escape without Pippa knowing, Jack can come along. Damian asks Shane has he made a big deal about this maturity thing, but Shane tells him that he has created the perfect set-up for him to get back at Jack…

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