Episode 1440

Australian Air Date: 8th April 1994
Writer: Annette Moore
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Luke discovers the reason why Tug found it difficult to cope at school. Haydn and Fin rekindle their passion.

Extended Summary

The cops are still investigating the under-age kids in the nightclub. Nick phones the sergeant who lets Sarah off. Despite this, Nick is not letting her off and tells her the reason kids are not allowed in such places. He tells her he is taking her home to tell Alf and Ailsa. She says no quickly saying that Alf would freak out if he turned up in his uniform at this time of the night. He allows to let her go home on the condition that she’d tell them tonight; failing that means he’ll tell them in the morning. Sarah returns home and tells Ailsa.

The next morning, Ailsa tells Alf of last night. Surprisingly, Alf does not blow his head off, but gives Sarah a lecture. Ailsa thanks him for being understanding; he had no choice with Ailsa and Roxy there.

Meanwhile, over in Fishers’, during breakfast, the atmosphere is tense. Fisher asks Angel what she did last night as she came home late. She lies that she did not realise the time. She is constantly on edge. After Fisher leaves, Nick tells her that he knows she was there and sees no point in giving her a lecture; he tells her that she should thank Sarah.

Haydn goes to the Diner but gets an immediate grilling from Irene. He only wants a sandwich. When his sandwich is ready, she gives out again and Finlay walks in the middle of the fight. Soon after Haydn leaves, she gives out to her mother for interfering; Irene cannot tell who Finlay can talk to and Finlay is old enough to make her decisions. Irene is gob smacked. Ailsa and Irene talk about Haydn and she asks her about fin getting together with him. Irene dismisses this as rubbish; Finlay won’t go back for seconds.

Roxy tells Luke of Tug’s behaviour and he mentions that he might be dyslexic. She thinks he’s joking, but then they talk about his performance at school. Sarah tells him that he should check it out. Luke and Roxy stop talking as soon as Tug enters. Tug agrees to do a dyslexic test.

At school, Luke goes through a book to find the type of dyslexia Tug may have. After finding one, he reads out a few lines which Tug writes down. Tug is asked to read them back and Luke discovers a few mistakes: Tug is dyslexic. An option to overcome this is remedial classes which he dismisses and he says that he does not want to make the same mistake he made with his father earlier and storms out.

Haydn is at the beach ready to eat his sandwich when Finlay drops by. He admits that Irene is right, but Finlay happens to disagree. She tells him that Roxy told her she saw her at the school after he went to a GA meeting. Irene takes a stroll along the beach and gets a shock after seeing Fin and Haydn kissing…

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