Episode 1439

Australian Air Date: 7th April 1994
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Sarah saves Angel from being caught by the police.

Extended Summary

Sarah and Angel are bored and wish to have a good time. They come up with a few ideas but Angel does not like them. She suggests going to a nightclub. Sarah is taken aback by this but Angel convinces her.

Haydn is fed up with the treatment he is given by the locals. Michael says that it would be a long time before anyone trusts him. Haydn walks around the school corridors and Roxy appears; she asks him what is he doing there. He says he was at the Gamblers Anonymous meeting. She realises who he is and introduces herself. He tells her that he is looking around his old school and shows her the locker he used.

Tug is at Cowper Street but is disappointed. He is looking for Power Street but does not find it. He hears Michael’s car coming and asks him where Power Street is. Michael looks up in a book and tells him there is no such street. Tug complains that things always have to go wrong and asks why can’t they go right for once.

Michael and Alf meet up in the Diner for a meal. Michael asks him how Roo is and he replies that they seem to have grown apart. Alf points out that Michael is lucky as his son is here. At home, Michael waits up for Haydn. Haydn returns and tells him that he is glad he is here. Haydn is surprised that Alf gave him advice about him; Michael says that no matter what happens, he is his son and he loves him.

Angel and Sarah meet at the Diner and are dressed up. Alf is surprised to see them dressed and Michael is sure they are going to an 18s place. Angel and Sarah are out on the town. They are walking when Sarah pulls back. Angel convinces her to come. The bouncer stops them and asks for IDs, and Angel says that he has never asked before. Sarah drags her away and Angel looks around for a way to get in while Sarah wants to leave. A man appears and Angel offers him a hand: she opens the door. They enter the nightclub.

Nick and his colleague are on patrol and arrive at the nightclub. The bouncer protests at them as the people are put off when they see cops around. He tells them they’d be wasting their time as there are no under 18s there; Nick tells him he has nothing to worry about.

Sarah drinks and then coughs and splutters. She tells Angel Nick is here. Angel panics and they rush to the ladies’. Angel fears for herself: she points out that if Mrs Harris discovers of Angel sneaking in a nightclub, she would not be allowed to see her son again. Sarah checks the coast – the cops are headed for the female toilets. She leaves and Nick sees her and turns to the bouncer. He tells him that he refused to let them in and Nick asks her who is the other person. She says Angel was with her but lies that she has gone home. She says that she should have left with her. Angel sighs with relief after hearing her…

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