Episode 1438

Australian Air Date: 6th April 1994
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Fin’s determination to keep her distance from Haydn begins to crumble.

Extended Summary

Jack and Shane are given detention and Fisher tells them to report to Luke for yard duty.

Haydn still gets the cold shoulder treatment when he ignored by Finlay.

Tug is concerned about his job and asks Ailsa whether he still has his job. She advises him to turn up as usual. He later asks Alf about his job and is delighted to hear he still has it. Alf is going through some overdue accounts and Tug offers to chase them up.

It’s detention time for Jack and Shane. They are waiting for Luke. When he arrives, he comments on Jack getting detention on his first day and points out that is a big deal and offers some advice. He hands them bags and tells them not to cheat. Luke is in the classroom doing some marking. Jack stands by while Shane is picking up rubbish. Shane leaves to go to the toilet and Jack swaps his empty bag for Shane’s and hands it to Luke. Luke tells him to consider what he said and asks him what should he do.

Pippa discovers that Jack has been given detention and is furious. She gives out to Damian for not watching out for him and that he should know better. Jack arrives home with a ripped shirt and she is annoyed with him. She questions him and tells him that he should not let Shane get to him.

Haydn turns up at the boatshed and Damian asks him why did he go with Fin. Haydn replies that he likes her and backed out to avoid hurting her; also he got back again because it was hard to explain to Fin when she was asking so many questions. Damian tells her when he gets home and she pretends to agree with him when he says that he is a scumbag.

Tug tells Ailsa that he is disappointed with Alf when he refused to let him chase up overdue accounts and feels that he is not being trusted. She goes over to him and points out his different behaviour. He admits that he has noticed the changes. He asks him to chase up a customer and points out that he has been given more chances than hot dinners; he gives him the address and warns him that after one more stuff up, he’s finished…

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