Episode 1437

Australian Air Date: 5th April 1994
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Jack proves to be more of a handful than Pippa and Michael first thought.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Fisher and Irene are shocked by the revelation of Luke’s plan. Shane is asleep when Nick returns from work and discovers Luke’s plan. Shane wants to leave school but Nick does not agree. They agree on a deal: Shane is not to leave until he finds a decent and reliable job; until then, he is to put in the effort. The next morning, Fisher hears about the deal and hopes that Nick is doing the right thing.

At school, Damian finds that Fisher is in a foul mood; Shane reveals the events of the last night. Damian tells him not to say anything but he is too late.

Alf and Ailsa have returned from Hawaii and when Irene asks about it, he recommends she go there as there are many middle-age millionaires there.

Pippa welcomes Ailsa back and notices that Irene is quiet. She asks Irene is it last night. Irene is shocked that she knows and fills them in on what happened.

Pippa takes Jack to school to enrol him in and he is introduced to the headmaster, Fisher.

Luke returns and gives Irene a bunch of flowers but she does not accept. He tells her he tried to cancel but Fisher was gone and she told her she wanted to be kept in the dark. She tells him he could have tried harder.

Shane and Damian return to school after CES and Jack asks Shane does he need a bib. Shane is annoyed with him and throws his drink at him. Jack does the same to him and Fisher lectures Shane about him setting a bad example to the young kids. Shane gives Jack some advice to get back in Fisher’s good books – Jack should ask Fisher how his date with Irene went. Jack passes the message to Fisher instead of asking him. Fisher calls Shane and gives out to him. Shane grabs Jack and threatens him; Jack pretends he is scared…

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