Episode 1436

Australian Air Date: 4th April 1994
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Jovita O’Shaughnessy

Shane finds it difficult to come to grips with fatherhood.

Extended Summary

Irene is getting ready for the night and Luke tries to tell her about tonight. She tells him not to spoil it as surprises won’t hurt her. Luke prepares the meal for Fisher and Irene.

At the Rosses, Jack gives Sally a hand with the table and asks her do they have meals like these often. She says they do it when they take in new kids. Damian returns home after helping out at the Kiosk and tells Pippa that she is going over to Shane and Angel’s place. She suggests that he call them and invite them over; Sarah and Dylan are also invited. She wants Jack to meet the locals.

Shane wants to watch soccer but does not get his way. When Angel checks on Dylan, she discovers his video is not on and puts it back on for him. Shane complains that Dylan is not watching it. The phone rings and they are invited to tea at the Rosses. Shane tells her and they get ready.

Pippa discovers that Sally has told Jack about Michael and tells her she has no right to make him feel unwelcome. Sally tells Jack but he does not want to listen as he knows that Pippa put her up to it. When Michael asks Jack to get one of his shirts, he does not respond. Pippa has a chat with him and he reveals that all stepfathers are the same – they may be nice unless you are alone with them. She tells Michael that he has problems with stepfathers and he asks should he put up with his antics for eight more weeks. She replies yes and they hug.

Fisher drops into Alf’s store to buy wine for tonight and she mistakenly tells him to have fun. He arrives at the beach house and Irene is surprised to see her mystery admirer. He is also surprised when he sees how very well dressed she is. The meal goes ahead and Irene flirts with him. Later on, she asks what could be the matter with him as he hardly said a word. At the same time, Fisher tells Luke that he thinks she is behaving oddly; she is flirting with him. He also mentions that he felt her foot on him all the time; Luke tells him it was his foot and that he is imagining things!

When dessert time comes, Irene asks Finlay to buy some dessert. Luke tells him there’s no need, but she tells him not to be a party pooper. Finlay is at the shop and Roxy mentions she’d like to be there to see Luke’s face when they discover about the set up. Roxy realises Luke had not said anything yet and Finlay tells her she must tell her what is going on. Finlay returns and tells Irene and Fisher that Luke has something to tell them. He denies that he knows what she is talking about and she reveals his plan to teach Irene a lesson and that Fisher was part of his grand plan…

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