Episode 245

Australian Air Date: 17th February 1989
UK Air Date: 23rd January 1990
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Brendan Maher

Bobby is called to her mother’s bedside, shocked by her newfound identity.

Fiftieth appearance, last seen in #244. Overheard Bobby’s discussion with Frank about Morag.
Was questioned about Morag’s hospitalisation by Alison.

Extended Summary

Alison steals some chemicals from the chemistry lab at school to make a stink bomb!

Fisher sees she was in school after school hours and talks to her.

Morag is stable after the operation. Her condition isn’t critical now. Everyone is relieved.

Bobby tells the Stewarts who knew that Morag is her mother and that she doesn’t want anyone else to know about it. She does not want Tom and Pippa to know about it either. Everyone says OK.

Later in the evening, when Bobby and Frank are out, Alison sneaks into his place and puts her stink-bomb in his apartment.

Bobby and Frank come home while Alison is still there; she hides in the kitchen!

Alison overhears them talking about Morag and she finds out that Morag is Bobby’s mother.

Phil and Stacey are having an argument. He stills want to marry her. Nicholas overhears it and wants an explanation.

Frank and Bobby go to bed. Alison sneaks out of the kitchen. She starts making the stink-bomb and puts it in action before leaving his apartment.

Stacey explains to Nicholas about Phil liking her. He is a bit upset about it.

Frank and Bobby discover the stinkbomb. Alison watches them through a window. Alison has left a note on Frank’s table as well, which reads, “Guess who got a brand new mum for wedding present!”

Bobby realises it must have been Alison who put it there.

Stacey wants to talk to Phil. She calls over to the Fletchers late at night to talk to him.

Stacey and Phil talk. She asks him if he is really serious about marrying her. He says yes and they kiss.

Alf find out that Alison knows about Morag and realises that she will spread the news around.

Alison is at the hospital that evening. She phones from the hospital to a reporter on a newspaper and says she has a really good story to put in the newspaper!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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