Episode 244

Australian Air Date: 16th February 1989
UK Air Date: 22nd January 1990
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Brendan Maher

An emergency interrupts Bobby and Frank’s honey-moon.

Forty-ninth appearance, last seen in #242. Connived to get back at Bobby about the itching powder.

> Bobby learns of Morag’s motherhood.

Extended Summary

Alf, Ailsa, Roo and Celia return home after the wedding. They discuss the wedding and everyone thought it was wonderful.

Frank and Bobby head to his place and celebrate with champagne and they spend time together. (Emotional music plays)

Lance is playing with his guitar while Martin is working in the Diner.

Bobby and Frank discuss the first time they will have sex together. Bobby wished it was the first time for her altogether. Frank tells her it’s just now and the future that matters! (Emotional music plays)

Alison overhears Martin and Lance telling Matt that Frank and Bobby couldn’t afford a honeymoon trip so they are spending time at home by themselves for the honeymoon. Alison smiles and it seems she has just got another idea!

The hospital phones Ailsa. There has been a seaplane accident and Morag has been injured and she is now at the hospital. Ailsa tells Alf about it.

Alf, Ailsa and Celia visit Morag at the hospital. She is unconscious and mumbles a word starting with a B.

Alf wants to tell Bobby that Morag is her real mother. Ailsa does not think that is a good idea.

Martin understands that Roo isn’t interested in him romantically. She dumps him and he turns the situation and acts as if he isn’t interested in her (he said that just to make her feel better about dumping him).

Alf tells Bobby about Morag being her real mother. Bobby and Frank go to the hospital. Celia also found out that Morag is Bobby’s mother. They are all shocked.

Bobby and Frank talk at the hospital about the surprise to find out that Morag is her mother. (Emotional music plays)

Morag goes into operation and her condition is critical.

Alison asks Matt how to make a stink bomb!

Roo finds out that Morag is in hospital and she hurries to the hospital. Alf tells Roo that Bobby is Morag’s daughter.

Bobby tells Frank that she hopes Morag won’t die.

Bobby tells Frank she hope she will be able to say to Morag how much she hates her! (Tense music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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