Episode 243

Australian Air Date: 15th February 1989
UK Air Date: 19th January 1990
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Brendan Maher

Will Bobby’s mother appear at the wedding?

Fourth appearance, last seen in #161. Presided over Bobby and Frank’s wedding.
Appeared in a flashback about her childhood.
Appeared in a flashback about her childhood.

Extended Summary

(Bobby’s wedding episode)

Celia tells Alf and Ailsa that Doris saw Morag get off a seaplane in Summer Bay. She thinks Morag is here to cause trouble about Ailsa’s baby.

Morag is sitting at the beach, thinking of the days when she was young. (Footage is shown with young Morag and Celia; emotional music plays)

Steven helps Frank with his wedding speech.

In the Fletchers, Neville, Floss, Celia, Tom and Pippa are organising for a reception they will have after the wedding.
Alf talks to Morag at the beach. Morag says she is in Summer Bay just to prove that see can see Bobby get married without feeling anything emotional for Bobby. Alf thinks she is heartless and they argue.

Celia gives Bobby a family bible with a family tree page to put photos in as well.

Morag gives Ailsa a present for the baby and Morag also picks on Ailsa for late motherhood and the risks of a disabled child!

Roo say hello to Morag.

Bobby has put on her wedding dress. Pippa is talking to her; Sally is there also (Emotional music plays)

Bobby and Frank’s wedding starts. Sally and Carly are bridesmaids. Tom leads Bobby in the church.

Morag turns up at the church and goes inside. After a few minutes, she sobs and leaves.

Reverend Flowers marry Frank and Bobby.

Bobby and Frank is now married and they kiss. A lot of photos of the wedding and wedding party is shown while emotional music plays

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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