Episode 242

Australian Air Date: 14th February 1989
UK Air Date: 18th January 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Brendan Maher

Bobby takes Carly out on the town on the eve of her wedding.

Forty-eighth appearance, last seen in #240. Fell afoul of her own itching powder prank.
Helped Morag disembark from the seaplane.

> New Opening Credits: same as per #128.

Extended Summary

Bobby comes home with her wedding dress. It is Pippa’s old wedding dress with some alterations made to it.

Sally wants to see Bobby’s dress, but Bobby says it means bad luck. Bobby is about to show it to Carly anyway and Sally sneaks behind the door. When they know Sally is gone, she shows it to Carly.

Roo and Matt ate talking at the beach. Matt has been surfing.

Carly looks at a bottle of alcohol just to prove to herself she can look at it without getting tempted to drink.

She is OK with it and after that she pours it down the sink.

Alison is still going through with her plan to put itching powder in Bobby’s wedding dress.

Alison tells Roo she will climb up a ladder to the room where Bobby has her wedding dress and put her plan in action while the room is empty.

Roo tells Frank, Lance and Sally of Alison’s plan and they will teach her a lesson!

In the evening, Alison climbs up the ladder. Roo is standing guard on ground pretending to be involved in Alison’s plan. In the room with the dress are Frank, Lance and Sally and Alison gets caught!

Sally, Frank, Roo and Lance make Alison drop the itching powder inside her own shirt instead!

Alison itches like crazy and it still itches next morning as well! Bobby and Carly see her and laugh!

Bobby tells Frank about a dream she had with her mother turning up to the wedding. (Emotional music plays)

Morag turns up in Summer Bay by a seaplane.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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