Episode 246

Australian Air Date: 20th February 1989
UK Air Date: 24th January 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Tina Butler

A disreputable journalist arrives in town seeking news of Bobby and her well-known mother.

First appearance. Reporter for the ‘Daily Star’ who snooped around the hospital for news on Morag.
Fifty-first appearance, last seen in #245. Finally tasted her own medicine after being ‘dumped’ by Matt.

Extended Summary

Phil brings some food over to Stacey at her office.

A news reporter comes to hospital. He asks Phil if he knows anything about Morag being Bobby’s real mother.

Matt is angry with Alison for calling in the reporter.

Phil tells Bobby and Frank that a reporter asked him about Morag.

The reporter turns up at Celia’s store. He asks her questions as well. She says she cannot say anything about it but he talks her into it by pretending he already knows a bit about it. He tells her false details deliberately to make Celia tell him the truth about it.

Phil finds out that Celia told the reporter (Donahue) about Morag.

Phil tells Celia that the reporter conned her into telling the whole story. Phil is a bit upset about it.

The reporter asks Bobby and Frank questions too and tries to bribe them with a cheque when they refuses to tell him anything. Bobby pushes him out.

Alf hears about the reporter and meets him. He is very angry with him for what he is doing.

Bobby is very upset over the reporter.

Alison wants the reporter to skip the Morag/Bobby story since she is afraid Matt will dump her because she is responsible for calling in the reporter.

Morag wakes up from her unconsciousness. She talks to Phil. She mumbles a lot when she speaks.

Alf finds out that Morag is awake. He will find Richard to tell him.

Matt, Bobby and Frank teach Alison a lesson. Matt tells her he only did go out with her for a while just to dump her so she would learn a lesson about hurting other people. Alison gets very upset.

Bobby visits Morag at the hospital. Morag sees Bobby and Bobby says (with a sinister voice), “Hello mother dear!”

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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