Episode 247

Australian Air Date: 21st February 1989
UK Air Date: 25th January 1990
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Tina Butler

Ailsa sends Bobby and Frank on a belated honeymoon, while Fisher has a shocking question for Morag.

Local girl who showed interest in Lance’s singing career.
Local girl who showed interest in Lance’s singing career.

> At the end of this episode, Donald confronts Morag in hospital with the question “Is it me?”. This is the first time the viewers learn of his true parentage to Bobby.

Extended Summary

Roo visits Morag in hospital. She notices Bobby is also there. Bobby does not have any nice words to say to Morag.

Roo tells Bobby to go easy on Morag. Bobby continues to verbally abuse Morag and says it would have been better if she died in the accident!

Sally tells Martin and Carly that Morag is Bobby’s real mother but they don’t believe her. She had heard it from Kim Patterson (Alison’s young sister).

Sally tells Tom and Pippa about Morag being Bobby’s mother, but they don’t believe her either. Sally is upset as no one believes her.

Roo and Morag talk in the hospital. Morag says that Roo is like the daughter she always wanted and not Bobby. (Emotional music plays)

Ailsas tell Frank and Bobby that she will pay for a honeymoon suite in a hotel in Singapore for them (the same hotel as she stayed in when she went away from Alf a while ago). Bobby and Frank are very excited about it!

Tom and Pippa find out that Sally was telling the truth about Morag being Bobby’s mother. They’re shocked and talk to Ailsa.

Bobby and Frank are in Singapore on their honeymoon trip. They’re having a good time at a restaurant.

They walk around in Singapore and enjoy the attractions. (Emotional music plays)

The Morag and Bobby story are on the newspapers now!

Fisher reads the story and visits Morag in hospital. He mysteriously asks Morag if he is Bobby’s father!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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