Episode 248

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 1989
UK Air Date: 26th January 1990
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Tina Butler

Lance mistakenly brings a new love into Martin’s life, while Tom makes a surprising announcement.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #163. Introduced Leanne to a bedazzled Martin.
First episode. Bike chick and friend of Rhonda’s who took a liking to martin.
First appearance. Local school bitch. Hassled Carly about her repeating of Year 12 and recent drug’s scandal.
Third appearance, last seen in #241. Appeared in a flashback about Bobby’s parentage.
Appeared in a flashback about Bobby’s parentage
Appeared in a flashback about Bobby’s parentage

Extended Summary

While Morag tells Fisher the truth whether he is the father of Bobby or not, footage from the past (1970s) is shown.

Barbara, Morag and Fisher are shown in the footage. They are around 20 years old.

Morag explains to Fisher that he is the father of Bobby (emotional music plays). Fisher is very surprised!

Fisher talks to Morag at the hospital after she has told him the whole story. He does not want anyone to find out that he is her father, not yet anyway.

Morag does not like the fact that Alf told Bobby that Morag was her real mother. She talks to Alf about it at the hospital.

Morag sees the Bobby/Morag headline in the newspaper. She is shocked.

Vicki will start in Carly’s class. They do not get on well initially.

Rhonda is at Lance’s place. They spend time together. Lance and Rhonda organise a blind date for Martin.

Martin has met his blind date (Leanne) and they both like each other; Martin pushes her gently down on the couch to kiss her.

Tom asks Pippa, Carly and Steven, “How would you like to go and live in London?” Everyone is stunned by his question.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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