Episode 229

Australian Air Date: 23rd January 1989
UK Air Date: 29th December 1989
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Tina Butler

The teenagers anxiously await their HSC results, although Carly is more interested in her new group of friends. Stacey and Philip’s relationship goes through a bad patch.

Extended Summary

A presentation of the resort project is shown on a video in the Macklins’ office. Tom and Pippa don’t like it as there will be a residential side of the project as well and they are worried about Summer Bay if it is changed dramatically.

Bobby is doing some final preparations for the new diner and it is almost ready for opening. Martin helps her put up a sign which announces the “Grand Opening”.

Martin wants to be a business partner in the Diner with Bobby and Ailsa. Bobby has big doubts.

Ailsa finds out Stacey’s new plans for the resort project; she hates the idea.

Bobby is over at Fisher’s house and they celebrate her passing the HSC and also winning the Student of the Year Award 1988. They drink champagne.

Fisher gives Bobby a present. It is Alan’s book, which will be officially released after a month.

Ailsa agrees to let Martin be partner in the Diner.

Roo has failed her HSC. Alf feels sorry for her.

Phil comes back to Summer Bay. He tells Frank and Stacey that he will take over Dr Bruce’s medical practice in Summer Bay. Stacey acts arrogantly to him as she is still upset when he left her about 5 weeks ago!

Steven and Bobby visit Carly and give her the HSC results. Carly rips the results to pieces without even looking at them. She drinks more and asks if they want a drink too.

They give her the Christmas presents.

Martin asks Fisher if he can do night classes! Fisher thinks it must be a big joke! Martin tells him he has become a partner in the Diner with Ailsa and Bobby and knows he wants to better himself to be successful. Fisher realises he is serious and is shocked!

Carly opens her Christmas presents. She is drunk.

Bobby and Steven leave. She gave Carly an invite to her wedding but she is angry with Carly for living like she is now. Steven says everyone at home misses her. (Emotional music plays)

Ailsa tells Bobby that she will go away with Alf and Roo for a week so she won’t be able to work in the Diner before she gets home.

Ailsa tells Bobby that Alf has a diary from Martha. It was in this diary that Alf found out about Bobby’s real past.

Ailsa tells Bobby she can sneak in with the spare key and look for the diary! Bobby thanks her.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Guest Cast



  • Three weeks pass between #228 and #229.
  • First appearance of The Bayside Diner exterior.

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