Episode 228

Australian Air Date: 1st December 1988
UK Air Date: 28th December 1989
Writer: Galia Hardy
Director: Tina Butler

Christmas at Summer Bay brings with it a myriad of emotions. Meanwhile, Carly’s expected arrival ends in disappointment.

Seventh appearance, last seen in #224. Informed Frank that his parents would unlikely be at his wedding.
Forty-second appearance, last seen in #227. Poked fun at Roo and David’s relationship.
Seventh appearance, last seen in #223. Talked Lance into participating in the Christmas pageant.
Final episode. Admitted to Roo his arranged engagement, and left the Bay.

Extended Summary

It’s now Christmas time. Tom and Pippa sneak down to the Christmas tree to put all the presents there.

Sally, Bobby, Frank and Steven open their presents. Tom plays Santa!

Lance is dressed up as Joseph along with Celia, Betty and others for a Nativity show.

Sally, Bobby and the others watch it and they think Lance is very funny!

Carly is in the city. She misses her family. (Emotional music plays)

Matt talks to Carly in the apartment she’s living in. She is still very arrogant.

Fisher tells Ailsa that Alan’s book, On A Crest of a Wave, will be published even though the book portrays Fisher as a bad father. Despite this fact, he thinks it’s a good book anyway. Fisher reads a part of it to Ailsa about how Christmas was when Alan was a kid.

The Fletcher family are having their Christmas dinner. Tom tells them they might be getting a new foster kid sometime after Frank and Bobby’s wedding.

There is quite a turnout at the Fletchers; it is party time for Christmas.

Carly takes a cab to visit home from the city. She hears them celebrating and watches them; she leaves without entering the house.

The end credits are filled with footage from the characters celebrating along with a Christmas message

Ola Carlsson, 1999