Episode 227

Australian Air Date: 30th November 1988
UK Air Date: 27th December 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Roo and David’s relationship is hit on all sides by racism. Meanwhile, Alf makes a phone call that could reveal Bobby’s parentage.

Second appearance, last seen in #186. Hassled Roo about her relationship with David from his sports car.
Forty-first appearance, last seen in #225. Was led astray by Celia, Martin & Lance’s plan.

Continuity error: Roo refers to Skid as “Morris Henry Gibson” (Revhead’s full name), however the actor in the role is clearly Chris Harding and not Gavin Harrison.

Extended Summary

Sally is looking for her Christmas presents and is very excited about Christmas. It is breakfast in the Fletcher household.

Bobby and Ailsa are preparing their new diner.

David returns to Summer Bay. He tells Roo he is engaged to another girl. Roo is upset.

Lance, Martin and Celia are organising a false treasure-hunt to teach Alison a lesson.

Alf and David sort their differences out and are now friends.

Morris “Revhead” Gibson is hassling Roo because she was in relationship with David. She is angry and kicks on his car numerous times. He drives off.

Sally is playing Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Dag Dog watches her.

Alison talks to Sally.

Alison is in the “treasure-hunt”. She follows lead to lead and after a while, she falls down in a mud trap!

Alf phones a mysterious person who put Bobby up for adoption a long time ago. Alf tells this person they need to talk.

Ola Carlsson, 1999