Episode 226

Australian Air Date: 29th November 1988
UK Air Date: 25th December 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Steven returns from his mission in the city, convinced that Carly is on a path of self-destruction. Bobby makes an unfounded accusation.

First appearance. Bobby’s criminally inclined adoptive father. Had abandoned her in her early teens and later wound up in jail for various bank frauds. She visited him in her quest to find her unknown real mother.
First appearance. Carly’s drug addicted city flatmate. Showed a wary Steven in.
Annabelle and Carly’s flatmate.

> First appearance of The Bayside Diner interior

Extended Summary

Steven, Frank and Bobby head for the city. Frank and Bobby will try to find their parents. Steven is going to visit Carly.

Steven is at Carly’s flat which she shares with a mate. Her flat mate opens the door. They’ve had a party last night. Steven realises that Carly is living a real rough life now.

Carly gets up. Steven talks to her. She’s having a hangover. She acts arrogantly to him.

Ailsa is doing some work preparing the new diner which she and Bobby will soon open.

Bobby and Frank meet Bobby’s “father”, Al Simpson, in jail. He says Bobby is not his kid and he explains things to her.

Al Simpson tells Bobby that Alf might know who her real parents are.

Bobby asks Alf. He acts strangely and denies that he knows anything about it.

Carly looks at her family photo of the Fletcher family. (Emotional music plays)

Carly’s party friends are doing heavy drugs as well.

Lance has signed a couple of records of his and Martin’s song despite the fact that he did not approve of what the record company has done to his song. Fisher wanted the signed records for Rebecca and her friends!

Alf admits to Celia and Ailsa that he knows a bit about Bobby’s real past. But he says she is better off not knowing about her past…

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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