Episode 100

Australian Air Date: 3rd June 1988
UK Air Date: 30th June 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Gaye Arnold

Tom and Frank compete against each other for the same job. Bobby searches for evidence to prove that Frank is the victim of of Roo’s treachery.

Interviewed Frank and Tom for the clerk job.
Second appearance, last seen in #53. Took a history class on the trade union movement.

> This episode is dated as being Thursday, 2nd of June when Bobby refers to her school diary.

Extended Summary

Pippa is driving along when she comes across the road gang. She asks Lance and Martin where Tom is and they say that Tom hasn’t turned up for work, leaving Pippa confused. Tom says that he thought that Frank was applying for the job, so he decided to go for it instead. Frank says he decided it was worth a roll. He then asks why Tom is there and Tom says that we was just bored with working on the road gang. Tom saying he’s going to leave, but Frank says that if Tom leaves, he’ll leave as well, and they both decide to stay. May the best man win!

Floss and Celia talk about what they are going to do with The Mikado, but Celia in truth can’t wait to get shot of Floss.

Tom and Frank have their interviews for the job. Pippa is at the shop wondering where Frank is. Ailsa suggests a birthday present, but Pippa’s already had one this year. Ailsa suggests he must be having an affair with Celia. Tom and Frank discuss how their interviews went as they make their way back home. Frank bets Tom $5 that if he picks one of them, it’s Tom. That night Pippa tells Tom who worried she was him not turning up for work.

Frank and Roo talk about Frank’s interview, while Frank riles Roo about the secretary being hot. When Roo gets worked up, Frank comes clean about the secretary being middle-aged. Frank leaves and Roo goes through to the kitchen where Celia and Bobby are. Roo feels the baby kick, but Celia says it can’t possibly be, it’s too early in the pregnancy for that. At school the following week, Bobby does some investigating and realises that it too early for Bobby’s pregnancy.

Frank hangs around the phone waiting for a reply to his interview. The phone does ring, but it’s only Celia wondering where Floss is. At the shop, Floss and Celia argue over the direction The Mikado should be taken. Floss thinks it should be modern, whilst Celia thinks they should go with the traditional.

Bobby asks Roo when she got back from the city and is now certain Roo is lying. In another classroom, Floss turns up with Martin and Lance who are going to perform the show. Celia storms out in disgust and says it’s all Floss’.

That night, Bobby trips over her words trying to ask Frank if he and Roo had had sex before Roo left for the city. Frank says he hadn’t. Frank arrives home and Tom gives him five bucks. Frank got the job.

Bobby tells Ailsa that Frank is the father of Roo’s baby.