Episode 101

Australian Air Date: 6th June 1988
UK Air Date: 3rd July 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Adshead

Roo schemes to destroy Frank’s friendship with Bobby. Celia is outraged by Floss’ efforts to update “The Mikado”.

Return one-off appearance, last seen in #63. Was located by Bobby during her search for baby Martha’s parentage.
Gordon’s wife. Stacey and Brett’s wealthy mother. Was visited by Bobby during her search for Brett.

Extended Summary

Frank is standing at the front of the church. A bride walks down the aisle towards him. The veil is pulled back and it’s revealed to be Bobby, whilst Roo looks uncomfortable in the congregation. Bobby wakes up and it’s all been a dream. Ailsa walks through and she has a dream about Bobby, that Bob Barnett caught her raiding through a doc’s surgery. They go back to bed, but Ailsa warns her not to do anything stupid. The next day at school, Bobby questions Carly over whether she can remember the name of Roo’s city boyfriend, but Carly struggles to remember. Then Bobby tells Roo that she knows that Frank can’t be the father of her baby, but Roo tells her she’s got to prove it.

Ailsa gives Alf a foot massage. Celia gives Alf a letter to look over the direction that The Mikado is taking. Floss leaves her caravan off to see Fisher at the same time. A class has been left to its own at the school. Bobby walks out and breaks into Roo’s locker and gets the address of Brett. Floss and Celia walk along the corridor arguing. The Mikado has been cancelled. Bobby arrives home at The Stewart House, looking for Brett’s address. Ailsa tries to stop Bobby, but Bobby says she’s going and that’s it.

Floss arrives at the store and mouths off at Frank about Celia getting the show cancelled. At The Stewart House, Celia says she wants the McPhee’s crossed off the wedding list, but Alf says it’s his daughter’s wedding and he’s having none of it.

Bobby arrives in a wet Sydney. She rings the doorbell of the Macklin’s, but Brett’s mother Mrs Macklin, says that he’s ill and can’t come to see her. Bobby talks her around and Brett comes down to see Bobby. Brett laughs at Roo pulling the deception, but Brett’s not worried. She fails however to get Brett to change his mind about telling Frank he’s not the father and so she leaves.

Celia arrives at the store going on about how Floss and the play being cancelled, unaware Floss is standing behind her. Floss then chases Celia out the store.

Roo tells Frank that Bobby is going after her. Bobby returns at the store, but Ailsa tells Bobby to give it up, no one will believe her. Celia works on Roo and Carly’s dresses. Bobby goes around to Frank’s caravan to tell him about Roo’s deception, but Frank is having none of it and throws Bobby out the caravan.

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