Episode 102

Australian Air Date: 7th June 1988
UK Air Date: 4th July 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Adshead

Aunt Morag sweeps into town bringing trouble in her wake. Bobby makes a desperate last-ditch attempt to expose Roo’s vicious machinations.

First episode. Alf, Celia and Barbara’s sister. Richard’s wife. Roo, Alan and Rebecca’s aunt. Unknowingly Bobby’s mother, having given her up for adoption at birth. Conniving High Court judge who visited the Bay for Ruth’s ill-fated wedding.

Extended Summary

Roo, Ailsa, Celia and Alf standing around Roo’s wedding dress which is sitting on a mannequin. A car can be heard drawing up outside and Alf goes out to help Morag, Alf and Celia’s sister, bring her stuff in. Morag says she’s going to take them all out for dinner.

Steven talks to Lance and Martin about Frank’s buck nights. He keeps reassuring them that he’s got everything under control. Once they’re gone, Steven reassures Frank that Martin and Lance are going to be miles from his bucks night. Steven asks Frank why he’s in such a mood and Frank says he had a falling out with Bobby.

Bobby arrives home, sees the note about everyone else being away and picks up a pair of scissors. Later that night, the rest of them arrive home arguing over what Morag feels is a plain wedding dress. Celia gets defensive about, when they walk in and notice that the dress has gone. Celia searches around the house and finds it lying on Roo’s bed, ripped to shreds. Morag tells Ailsa off for calling Celia a funny old thing. Ailsa goes around to the store and finds Bobby sitting alone in the dark and asks what’s making her doing the things that she is doing. Bobby tells Ailsa Frank hates her. Morag , Alf and Celia talk about what happens, when Morag starts bad-mouthing Ailsa. Alf’s decided Bobby won’t set another foot in the house again, but he’s not going to have anything said about Ailsa. There’s a knock on the door. Martin and Lance have came around to talk about the bucks night, but Alf says it’s not a good time and sends them packing. Bobby tells Ailsa she can forget about fostering her now that Alf won’t want to foster her. Ailsa tells her it’s probably best that she stays away from the wedding and that it will probably be best if they both sleep in the shop flat for a while.

Roo and Morag talk in Morag’s bedroom. Morag tells Roo that they’ll go shopping tomorrow and that she’ll buy Roo a new, fashionable wedding dress. Roo is pleased. Ailsa tells Alf that she’s going to spend a few nights with Bobby at the store flat. Alf tells Ailsa that Bobby’s not going to move into the house. Ailsa tells Alf to give it time and let things cool down. The following morning, Roo phones Frank to tell him about Bobby ripping the dress to shreds. Bobby goes to school. She passes Frank waiting at the bus stop, not exchanging words.

Morag and Roo go shopping, but Morag tells Celia that she’s not welcome.

Lance and Martin arrive at the caravan park with a box full of crisps and stuff. Steven sets his plan into action.

At the Stewart House, Celia is all upset about the all the work she had put into making the dress and now Morag had just came in and bought Roo’s affections. Over at the store, Roo and Morag talk about whether Roo is doing the right thing marrying Frank. She doesn’t seem to think he has much future ahead of him.

Celia is doing some dusting when there’s a knock at the door. Brett has arrived in Summer Bay wanting to speak to Roo.

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