Episode 103

Australian Air Date: 8th June 1988
UK Air Date: 5th July 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Chris Adshead

Brett Macklin turns up to make claims on Roo’s baby. Lance and Martin’s plans for Frank’s buck night end in catastrophe.

Return episode, last seen in #101. Visited the Bay in an attempt to blackmail Roo into giving him custody of their unborn child.
First appearance. Stripper who Lance and Martin organised for Frank’s bucks party.

Extended Summary

Morag and Roo return from their shopping trip and show Celia the new wedding dress they’ve bought. Celia mentions that Brett had came around wanting to see her and Roo wants to know where he is and runs out to go meet him. In a motel room, Roo asks Brett why he’s here. He tells about the fact that he just had the mumps and now he’s sterile. Roo thinks it’s funny, but Brett tells him he wants the baby now. Roo tells him it’s too late. Brett wants this baby and he’s going to have it. Celia dusts the house. Morag moans at her. Alf asks Morag who this Brett Macklin bloke is. Roo says Brett had his chance. Brett goes at her. Brett tells her to keep quiet till after the wedding so she can marry Frank. Brett wants her to sign a contract admitting he is the father and Roo agrees.

Tom is still brooding about missing out on the job and how Martin and Lance had a go at him for trying to desert the road gang. Steven comes home and tells Tom and Pippa how he’s got rid of Martin and Lance for the night, by sending them off to get a stripper who wasn’t going to turn up. Martin and Lance wait in the car, but no stripper has turned up.

Morag asks Roo why she rushed out the house to see Brett. Roo assures Morag that nothing’s going on. Alf says that they should go over and see the Fletcher’s and gives Roo the opportunity to change the subject.

Lance and Martin are getting restless now no one has turned up. Martin suggests they go pick up Rhonda for the pub and get her to do instead.

The Stewart clan go around to see the Fletcher’s. Roo and Frank take Morag out and show her around the caravan that they are going to live in. Morag obviously doesn’t think much of it, but if they’re happy with it, that’s what matters. They return back to the house in time for Lance and Martin to come back followed by Rhonda who starts stripping with everyone. Celia arrives back at the Stewart House going on about the standards of Lance and Martin. Alf says it happens at all bucks parties, even Richard’s. (Morag’s husband) Once Alf and Roo are gone, Morag questions Celia about what she knows about Brett Macklin.

Steven goes around to Lance’s to apologise for setting him up. Lance says it doesn’t matter – Lance has managed to score with Rhonda.

Morag goes around to see Brett to find out exactly what’s going on. Brett starts going on about the contract, which Morag was unaware of. When Morag asks Brett to explain, he tells her that the baby isn’t Frank, it’s his.

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