Episode 104

Australian Air Date: 9th June 1988
UK Air Date: 6th July 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Chris Adshead

Roo wrestles with her conscience as her wedding day dawns.

Second appearance, last seen in #57. Presided over Frank and Roo’s ill-fated wedding.

> This episode appears on the video “Classic Home and Away”
> Frank’s middle name is Jonathan.
> First mention of Alan Fisher.

Extended Summary

Roo asks Morag how she felt on her wedding day. She tells her she felt ‘foolishly optimistic’ in the light of subsequent events.

Ailsa writes a sign saying ‘Closed for wedding of the year! Frank Morgan and Roo Stewart soon to be Mr and Mrs Morgan!’. Bobby asks Ailsa if there is anything she can do while she is there. Ailsa says there isn’t. She also tells her to stay away from the church. Bobby says that nothing will save Frank now.

Morag and Roo pull up outside the church. Inside the church Morag tells Roo that when Frank is standing there when she walks down the aisle, she will have to say her vows…and mean them. Morag says that the biggest mistake she could make, would be to marry him knowing that he will end up hating her. Morag also tells her that she should tell him the truth before the wedding, as she will have to tell him eventually.

Neville and Floss help put the flowers up in the church. Neville comments that it’s nice to see two more people getting married, even if they are on the young side.

A car pulls up. Frank, Lance and Steven are getting ready in the van. Tom asks to see Frank as he wants to have a chat with him. Outside, Tom shows Frank the car. He says that he has bought it for him as a way of saying that he is proud of him. He tells him that he supports him fully in his marriage to Roo.

Pippa tells Tom that Floss dreamt about the car, weeks before Tom actually bought it. Pippa tells him that in Floss’s dream, Frank died while driving it!

Don tells Aisla that he only has one black shoe lace, after he snapped the other one after talking to Barbara. Don tells Ailsa that his son Alan, has been involved in a surfing accident. Don says Barbara went to be with him so she isn’t able to come to the wedding.

At the Caravan Park House, Lance is still filming everything and everyone with the video camera. Pippa tells Frank that Tom will drive him. Frank says that he wants to test it now. Pippa tells him to wait until after the wedding. Pippa tells Frank that it’s a tradition in Tom’s family that the father of the groom always drives him to the church.

The guests arrive at the church. Pippa tells Lynn and Sally to find a sit on the same side as Frank. Sally asks why they have to sit on that side. Lynn says that the grooms friends sit on his side and the brides friends, sit on hers. Sally says that she is friends with Roo and Frank. Lynn takes Sally to their sits. Tom tells Pippa to stop worrying as it should be the happiest day of their life.

Outside, Celia wonders what’s got into Morag recently. Ailsa says that she’s never a load of laughs at the best of times.

Roo stands in her wedding dress looking into the mirror. Alf tells her that she looks beautiful. Morag walks in and asks Roo whether she is going. Roo says that she doesn’t want to keep Frank waiting.

As Celia plays the piano, Alf walks Roo down the aisle, with Carly walking on ahead.

Outside, Bobby walks around aimlessly.

As she is standing beside Frank, Roo hears Morag’s words from earlier. Roo starts crying and faintly says ”it’s not yours”, before running back down the aisle. Frank runs after her.

Outside the church, Roo tells Frank that the baby is not his, before running off again. Roo tells him that Brett Macklin is the father. Frank runs off and gets into his new car.

On the road, Frank drives recklessly. As he continues to drive fast, he narrowly misses hitting Bobby before hurtling off into some bushes and crashing the car!

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