Episode 105

Australian Air Date: 10th June 1988
UK Air Date: 7th July 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Adshead

Frank fights for life on the operating table. Meanwhile, Roo takes flight as Summer Bay turns its back on her.

Final episode.
Operated on a near-dead Frank following his horrific car accident.

Extended Summary

Clips of Frank being treated in hospital interspersed by Nico finding Frank’s ring as the wreckage of the car is dragged away, Bobby sitting at a bus stop, Roo crying in her bed, Neville burning Floss’ tarot cards and Pippa and Tom sitting in the corridor at the hospital awaiting news on Frank.

Morag talks to Roo in her bedroom. Roo blames herself for Frank’s accident, but Morag says its Frank’s fault – he was the one who was speeding. Roo says she started the whole thing by lying. Roo blames Morag for making her tell the truth and worries about what Alf’s going to do now.

Frank flat lines on the operating table. The doctors wheel in the defibrillator and restart Frank’s heart.

Alf and Ailsa sit, wondering why Frank had stormed out the wedding. Ailsa has to go back to look after Bobby, which doesn’t impress Morag who thinks Ailsa should be supporting Alf, not some juvenile delinquent. Alf asks Roo what’s going on and Roo tells him it’s not Frank’s baby.

Tom and Pippa wait in the corridor. Nico comes in and says he’s got something for Frank. They explain Frank’s being operated on and Nico shows them the ring.

Ailsa and Fisher arrive at the store. They find Bobby is gone and go out looking for her.

After hearing what Roo had to say, Alf is so upset he storms out. Morag goes into see Roo and says she can come live with her in the city.

Fisher wrestles Bobby into the shop and tells her she’s waiting there until Ailsa gets back.

Nico, Pippa and Tom wait in the hospital corridor. The surgeon comes through and says that Frank has survived the operation.

Ailsa thanks Donald for finding Bobby. She then asks Bobby what she was thinking and tells her what she was thinking about running away.

Alf finds a note telling him that Roo and Morag have gone to the city.

Tom and Pippa go in to see Frank. As they are leaving Bobby arrives and asks if she can see him. After a bit of persuasion, they decide she can. She holds Frank’s hand and she tells him that she loves him.

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