Episode 106

Australian Air Date: 13th June 1988
UK Air Date: 10th July 1989
Writer: Denise Morgan
Director: Chris Sheil

Morag tries to take control of Roo’s shattered life; Frank regains consciousness.

Informed Bobby that Frank would recover soon.

> Roo was only 15 when her mother died.

Extended Summary

Morag and Roo arrive back at Morag’s mansion in the city. The phone is ringing when they arrive and Roo urges Morag to answer since it might have been for her. Morag then goes on about how Alf was always too emotional. That evening, Roo phones the hospital trying to get news on Frank’s condition and introduces herself as his fiancée. The nurse on the phone says he’s out of surgery, but maybe if she came to the hospital they could give her further information.

Alf is clearing all of Roo’s stuff out the house. Alf doesn’t want anything of Roo’s in the house, but Ailsa isn’t so keen. Celia comes around and is shocked to see Roo’s stuff getting packed up. Celia tries to talk Alf around, saying how Morag will poison Roo’s mind and turn her against them, but Alf remains steadfast. Roo isn’t coming back. Celia looks at a photo of Roo and Alf in happier times.

The following morning Tom and Pippa come round to discuss what is just happened. The atmosphere is decidedly frosty and Ailsa suggest that she and Pippa go through to the dining room. Ailsa says that she’s worried that all this drama might tear Alf apart, whilst Alf reveals to Tom that Frank isn’t the father.

Bobby goes to see Frank at the hospital. The nurse reveals to Bobby at the caravan park that Frank died on the operating table and now that Floss’ visions had come true, Bobby returns home triumphantly to the caravan park and tells Floss the good news. Tom and Pippa return home to the caravan park, going over the revelations that Alf had given them. Bobby then reveals the news that she can move back into the caravan.

Over dinner Ailsa urges Alf to talk about what’s going on. Alf keeps on ignoring her, going on about how the house needs redecorating. Celia phones Morag wanting to speak to Roo. When Roo hears Celia is on the phone, Morag pretends Celia has hung up on her, leaving Celia confused at Morag’s bizarre ramblings.

Roo listens to that cheesy song created whilst in Summer Bay sleeps in the caravan whilst Alf redecorates his throughout the night. Ailsa walks out of the bedroom confused. Roo then breaks the tape apart.

Bobby tells Ailsa that she’s moving back to the Fletcher’s. Ailsa tells her not to go after Frank, he will take time to get over his whole ordeal.

Alf has sent Roo’s things to the city. Morag says he didn’t even send a note. Roo says she hopes she never sees Summer Bay again. Alf stands in the living room a broken man.

Frank has awoken and tells Bobby that whilst he was asleep he had this bizarre dream that she loved him. He says that it’s hilarious, leaving Bobby heartbroken that he doesn’t have the same feelings towards her.

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