Episode 107

Australian Air Date: 14th June 1988
UK Air Date: 11th July 1989
Writer: Denise Morgan
Director: Chris Sheil

Celia sets out to rescue Roo from Morag’s clutches; Alf disowns his daughter.

Extended Summary

Carly and Matt are at a surf shop, whilst Bobby walks along kicking a stone. Matt has been buying a new surf board and Bobby starts talking to him about surfie-stuff, leaving Carly peeved at Bobby and left out. Matt continues going on about the surf board and Bobby walks away bored. At home, Carly whines at Lynn about Bobby. Carly needs another outfit to impress Matt, but she’s got no money.

Bobby stands throwing stones at some glass bottles trying to break them, but keeps on missing. Celia walks along with her bike and talks about how it can only lead to trouble. Bobby hands Celia the stones and walks away. Celia aimlessly throws the stones away and breaks the bottles. Back at her caravan, Bobby lies crying on her bed at Frank’s rejection.

Celia goes around to Alf’s to try and talk to him about Roo. Alf’s says there’s been no change, she’s still not welcome. At Morag’s, Roo says she can go to a party tomorrow night where she can do some networking. Celia takes a dust sheet off a car in a garage. She drives out the driveway and brakes can be heard screeching as she pulls out in front of a car. Driving along a road, Matt is nearly hit by an errant Celia and pulls over to Alf exclaiming he never knew Celia could drive. Alf says she can, but only does on special occasions. Alf is confused as to exactly why Celia would be driving.

Lynn and Carly are trying to fix Carly’s top, when Bobby comes into rile her again. Bobby and Carly start fighting so to stop them; Lynn pours a pot of water over them. Bobby then goes around to see Alf who apologises for throwing her out when she was right about Roo and that it’s hers if she wants it and that Roo won’t be coming back to Summer Bay. The phone rings, and Alf asks Bobby to answer it. It’s Roo, wanting to speak to Alf, but Bobby tells her that they’re redecorating her old so that Bobby can move in. When Alf comes through, Bobby tells him it was just some survey people.

Celia arrives at Morag’s house, demanding to see Roo. They argue over what is best for Roo and Celia decides to wait outside in her car for Roo. Roo walks out and sees Celia. She’s pleased to see Celia, contrary to what Morag had claimed earlier and says Roo can stay with her until Alf has cooled down. Roo says not yet. Celia goes into a car, and gives Roo the photo she was looking at in the previous episode. Morag phones Brett to talk about how things are going.

Carly sees a dress she likes in a shop window, which she needs to impress Matt.

Brett turns up at Morag’s, wanting full custody of the child from the day it’s born. He produces a pen wanting her to sign immediately.

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