Episode 108

Australian Air Date: 15th June 1988
UK Air Date: 12th July 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Chris Sheil

Roo rebels against Brett’s tyranny. Meanwhile, Carly tries to con Fisher into letting her off school.

Final episode.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Roo takes the pen and signs the papers. Having done that, she tells Brett it’s not worth the paper it’s written and runs out the house saying she’s going to have an abortion and takes of Brett’s car.

Carly is putting make-up on to make herself look ill so she can be excused to go for the job. Lynn just think she looks funny, but Matt asks if she’s feeling OK. Bobby then comes along and they have another verbal sparring march. In the science class, Fisher is covering since Foley’s departure and he too comments on Carly’s appearance. He however doesn’t let her leave the classroom, telling her she needs to pass the HSC.

Back in the city, Morag has phoned around all the abortion clinics asking them to phone if Roo turns up. Brett says he didn’t expect Roo to behave like that, but Morag says how could she expect her to react any other way when he’s just said all she is in an incubator his child. Nearby Roo sits in the car. She opens up the glove compartment which is full of money.

During break, Lynn says that it looks like Carly won’t get the job. Going into the next lesson, Carly looks uneasy on her feet. When Fisher asks Carly to stand up to answer a question, she begins to wobble. Bobby grabs Matt who is about to catch Carly saying she can’t see and Carly collapses to the floor.

Roo returns claiming that she has aborted the baby. Brett is understandably mad, but Morag throws him out and she says she’ll deal with it. When Morag says that she sees several advantages in giving the baby away to Brett, Roo is shocked and when Morag leaves the room, she phones Celia and asks if she can come back to Summer Bay.

Carly turns up at the shop for her interview. Nearby Carly talks to Celia, who is filling her cars radiator with water. Carly exits the shop soon after with a face like thunder. Carly and Lynn then return home. Carly says whoever said that you can be happy and poor must have been brain damaged, but Carly needs something stylish. Lynn suggests Floss makes something, but Carly isn’t too impressed with that idea and takes fifty dollars out of the house keeping.

A crash is heard outside Morag’s mansion as Celia arrives and runs over a piece of garden furniture. She announces that she’s here to pick up Roo. Morag wonders why Roo would want to go back to Summer Bay, but all Roo says is “Thanks for trying.” Celia asks Roo if she’s told Morag yet about. Morag walks out and Celia says a cheerful “goodbye Morag”, having beaten her sister for once and drives away, leaving a lonely looking Morag.

Roo returns to Summer Bay. Alf isn’t at home, but Celia and Roo discuss how they’re going to have to keep it a secret from Morag that Roo hasn’t given the baby away.

Bobby, Matt and Neville are at the store where Neville buys a paper. Fisher comes in and looking through the paper when he is struck dumb. At the Fletcher’s, Carly is spray painting some shoes when Neville comes in saying they never knew she was a star. An article on Samantha has been given a double page spread.

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