Episode 109

Australian Air Date: 16th June 1988
UK Air Date: 13th July 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Chris Sheil

Carly is caught out basking in the reflected glory of her twin’s modelling triumph.

Extended Summary

Lynn and Carly are up in their bedroom discussing the newspaper story with Samantha. Carly is sulking because she’s always wanted to be a model. Lynn says there’s nothing stopping Carly becoming a model, but Carly retorts who’d want a carbon copy. Carly then reminisces about the time with her family and how George had controlled the family. Downstairs the Fletcher’s and Neville are discussing the photos of Samantha in the newspaper. Steven wonders how much models get paid, but Bobby says it’s not a problem; nobody would want him to model anyway. Steven picks up some vegetables to hit Bobby with. Pippa has forgotten to buy some magazines for Frank. Bobby offers to go get them, but when Pippa goes to the jar, some money is missing.

Lance and Martin have bought some beer and are going to see Frank at the hospital. They see Alf and ask him if there’s any message Roo wants passed on. Alf drives away.

Pippa and Tom are holding a family meeting to try and discover who has taken the money from the jar. Everyone’s allowance is stopped until the money is returned. Sally suggests that they look in Floss’ crystal ball for the answer. Tom gives everyone 24 hours to put it back. Up in their bedroom Lynn and Carly are discussing about what Carly should do since it was her that took the money. Carly doesn’t have the money and it looks like she’ll need to take the dress back.

Celia is visiting Frank in the hospital. Frank is still bitter at Roo, but Celia goes on about trying to forgive her. As Celia is leaving, Martin and Lance arrive. They see her, so hide the beers on a trolley and engage in some small talk about people talking about Frank and all that. Celia says they should wait until tomorrow before seeing Frank and a nurse walks away the trolley Martin had hidden the beers on and Celia chases them out the hospital.

Tom comes into the bedroom to says that downstairs Steven is trying to hold a meeting between the kids to try and uncover who has stolen the money. However, without the gravitas of Frank to hold the meeting, squabbling ensues and the meeting collapses without a resolution being found.

The following morning, Lance and Martin are having some breakfast chips, when they spot Carly’s twin in the paper. Martin says that Carly will definitely want to go out with him now. Lance isn’t so sure. She didn’t want to go out with him when he was a nobody, why would she want to go out with him when she’s a somebody.

Back at the caravan park house and the atmosphere is still tense due to the missing money. Carly and Bobby almost come to blows over the dinner table, with animosity and acrimony being flung between the kids. Carly goes to the shop to try and return the dress, but it turns out they only do exchanges and not refunds. At the school, Carly and Lynn are still talking about the missing money, with Carly trying to pass the buck, but Lynn is fed up of lying. Carly then pretends to Matt that it was her in the paper, until Bobby says it’s Carly’s twin sister. Carly has a go at Bobby saying how things were better before she returned and then Matt tells Carly that he wasn’t impressed with her trying to trick him like that. With it now appearing that money will never be returned, Carly is beginning to think she might need to own up.

Someone returns the money, but only their hands are shown.

The kids return home from school. Carly goes to admit that it was her who took the money, but the tin is opened and the money has been returned and Tom tells everyone the moral to the storyline.

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