Episode 110

Australian Air Date: 17th June 1988
UK Air Date: 14th July 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Chris Sheil

Lance and Martin enlist Narelle to boost Frank’s flagging morale. Who has anonymously returned the stolen money?

Return episode, last seen in #58. Returned to visit Frank in hospital. Began an illicit affair with a younger Steven.

> Narelle’s father’s name is Roy Smart.

Extended Summary

The Fletcher kids try and find out who put the money back. The finger of suspicion gets passed around, but everyone claims that it wasn’t them. Carly admits to Steven and Sally that she took it, but that no one else should find out. Sally thinks Floss might have done it since she is magic.

Floss is walking along when some primary school kids tease her about being a witch. She goes to the General store and starts talking to Ailsa about. Ailsa says that people will soon forget about it – they did when it was revealed she had killed her father. Lance and Martin walk in and ask Floss they’ve heard rumours she’s a witch. Floss says she isn’t it and if they don’t drop it she’ll turn them into cane toads before leaving. Lance remains convinced Floss is a witch, but after Martin runs the joke too far, Lance realises he is having his leg pulled. Ailsa wonders why Lance and Martin aren’t at work, but they say they are on strike, though they are not sure what for.

Tom is at the hospital saying that Baldivis granted himself a pay rise, so someone decided they should all go on strike. Tom tries to cheer him up and they start talking about Bobby.

Lance and Martin try to get the real reason for Frank running out of the wedding out of Ailsa. Ailsa suggests that instead of talking to him about Roo, that they try and get his mind off Roo and talk about footy or music. The boys then have an even better idea and turn up at the hospital with Narelle. Frank wakes up and Narelle starts talking him, saying that Lance and Martin asked her to cheer him up, and she knows that their idea is completely potty and they start talking. Ailsa and Tom are talking about how Frank isn’t ready to talk about what’s happened at the shop, when the school kids come in for their lunch.

Martin and Lance are at the hospital. Lance wants to know that Martin would do the same for him if he were ever involved in a car crash. Inside the room, Narelle and Frank are still talking. Narelle explains that she likes Frank, but doesn’t love him or want to go out with him, and that sometimes it’s good to talk about things like that. Frank opens up and tells Narelle that Roo’s baby isn’t his and he starts letting it out. Lance and Martin think they are plan is working and then Frank tells Narelle everything that had happened. Narelle then starts asking him questions about what he’s going to do when he next sees Roo. When Narelle finally comes out the room, Lance and Martin have dirtier thoughts than what actually happened.

Tom, Fisher and Ailsa talk about Roo’s return to Summer Bay. Tom hopes that she will stay locked up in Celia’s house because she doesn’t want her going to see Frank, whilst Fisher thinks Roo should return to school and leaves. Ailsa tells Tom Roo’s got more to readjust to than just going back to school. Ailsa then innocently lets slip that Bobby asked her for fifty bucks the day before.

Steven is still trying to work out who put the money back, but Bobby remains adamant that it wasn’t her. Bobby returns to her caravan where Tom is waiting inside. Tom then says he paid Ailsa back the fifty dollars that Bobby owed her. Tom then goes on about who things were working out pretty well, but she can’t steal. Bobby tells him that she may have put the money back, but she didn’t take it.

Tom talks at dinner that he knows that the fifty dollars that was returned wasn’t the one that was taken, but that he’s not going to push the matter further and that whoever did take it, should think about their actions. After dinner Carly goes to have a go at Bobby.

Frank is asleep at hospital when Roo turns up.

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