While Lachie wrestles with the possibility of being paralysed, Claudia stuns Geoff. Trey’s public apology to Nicole is sabotaged. Belle makes a mysterious visit to hospital.

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Geoff throws Claudia out after her shocking admission. Rachel hosts a baby shower. Kirsty has an important decision to make.

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Tensions between Xavier, Hugo and Angelo reach breaking point. A soft porn magazine disrupts an entire family. Is Kirsty serious about having a baby with Miles?

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Xavier and Jai make a dangerous discovery on the farm. Irene discovers the business is in serious trouble. Angelo investigates an abalone racket, with Hugo becoming the prime suspect.

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Jai and Xavier’s foolishness has dire consequences. Martha struggles with her feelings for Hugo. Angelo and Charlie finally get to the bottom of their complicated relationship

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Jai and Xavier try to cover their tracks. Martha and Hugo confront their feelings for each other. Geoff discovers Lachie is taking out his frustration on Claudia

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Aden struggles over Clint’s demand to throw the match. Geoff’s attitude to Claudia changes after seeing how Lachie treats her. Trey’s step father tries to get Trey back on the trek

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Aden finds out how serious Clint is, and ends up in hospital. Kirsty continues to hide her feelings from Miles. Nicole reconsiders Trey going on the trek.

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Aden accepts Belle’s marriage proposal, but what secret is she hiding? Meanwhile, Irene decides to wind up the fishing business.

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Belle can’t bring herself to tell Aden that she’s dying. Angelo breaks up with May. A tragic incident acts as a wakeup call for Rachel, whilst a mystery patient causes Angelo to be suspicious of Hugo.

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Kirsty seems to have doubts about having a baby with Miles. Charlie is reluctant to commit to Angelo. Angelo’s pursuit of Hugo heats up.

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Martha and Hugo’s relationship comes up against some unexpected opposition. Miles finds out Kirsty has been lying to him. Jai and Annie get lost on the trek, and what is Trey planning?

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Martha is saddened by Colleen’s reaction to her and Hugo. The desperate search begins for Jai and Annie. Trey prepares to unleash his explosive revenge.

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The school trekkers’ bus jam packed with kids seems doomed. Trey turns up in Summer Bay. Jai is finally rescued, but is it too late?


The bus hostages are eventually rescued from their seemingly inevitable demise. Trey is identified as the potential murderer and goes on the run. Jai’s arm starts to respond to treatment.


As Hugo’s life hangs in the balance, Charlie calls for reinforcements in the hunt for Trey. Is the relationship between Miles and Kirsty over after Kirsty’s latest lie?


As the preparations for Belle’s hen night are underway, Belle receives some unexpected news. Meanwhile, the boys railroad Aden into having a bucks night out.


Rachel has an emergency with the baby’s delivery, but where is Tony? Aden makes a strange request of Nicole. Belle reveals a secret that will change peoples’ lives forever.


Belle tries to hold her lie together until after the wedding. But can Nicole keep Belle’s secret from Aden?


As the congregation gathers, Aden struggles to decide whether he can marry Belle. Charlie is unable to tell Morag and Ross about her relationship with Angelo

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