Episode 4894

Australian Air Date: 9th July 2009
UK Air Date: 23rd July 2009

Aden struggles over Clint’s demand to throw the match. Geoff’s attitude to Claudia changes after seeing how Lachie treats her. Trey’s step father tries to get Trey back on the trek.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

After witnessing Lachie’s verbal attack on Claudia, Geoff decides to intervene and confronts Lachie, causing yet another argument that Rachel has to break up. Geoff and Claudia leave, and Rachel tells Lachie that if his attitude doesn’t improve, then he won’t be allowed any visitors at all. The next day, amid Geoff’s concern, Claudia assures him Lachie’s not that bad, and he’s always fine after some time to cool off. Then news comes through that Lachie can move his toes – he might be ok. They visit the hospital where Rachel informs them that there’s no reason why Lachie won’t make a full recovery, once the swelling around his spinal cord subsides. Now that he has a brighter outlook, Lachie’s attitude has completely changed, talking about where he and Claudia are going to live in order to bring up the baby. Geoff’s worried Claudia will fall back into the same patterns. He arranges with Irene to allow Claudia to stay as long as she wants, but Claudia doesn’t understand his change of heart. He admits that while she hurt him, he wants to make sure she and the baby are okay. Claudia’s touched, but assures him she can take care of herself.

Claudia goes to visit Lachie and finally stands up to him, stating they they’re not an item, and that she’s sick of being his emotional dumping ground. Whilst she wants Lachie to have a part in his baby’s life, its over between him and Claudia. When Geoff arrives home, Claudia is there with her bags packed. She is moving in with some relatives at Dubbo to work as their nanny, and is saying goodbye. She thanks Geoff for everything he’s done, and Geoff explains how proud he is of her. The two share an embrace before Claudia leaves Geoff’s life for good.

Aden is agitated as he gets up, having had a restless night, and is surprised to find that Belle is already up. When she hears him coming downstairs she hides a notepad that she has been writing in recently. Aden then receives a text message from Clint, asking him to meet him on the beach in 20 minutes, and Aden knows that Clint is going to get him to do something dodgy in the game again. When he meets Clint, Clint informs him he needs to throw the game today. Aden refuses to do it, stating that Clint can keep the ring, but Clint threatens him – do it or else. Desperate to find a way out , Aden pleads with Geoff to help him throw the game, but Geoff is disgusted and tells Aden that if he even tries anything during the game, Geoff will stop him. Knowing Geoff will make good on his threat, Aden throws him a poor pass in the game, resulting in Geoff getting a bloodied nose, and being removed from the field. Aden does his hardest to lose the game, but Geoff is just as determined to stop him, and in the final two minutes he returns to score the winning try. After the match, Aden meets with Clint, who delivers his most threatening ultimatum yet: take out Geoff before the next game or Clint will take out Aden.

Trey’s step-father John is doing everything he can to draw Trey out of the withdrawn state he’s in at the moment – he spends hours alone in his room and has started binge eating again. He tries to get Trey involved with surf-lifesaving, and lobbies Bartlett and Miles to allow Trey to go on the trek, but Miles and Bartlett are unsure. John then offers them free transport for the trip, and Bartlett starts thinking. Trey doesn’t seem interested. When Ruby and Annie hear this, they start a petition at school to stop Trey from going on the trek. Nicole signs it, and they later present the petition to Bartlett who decides to not let Trey on the trek after all. The next day John finds Trey in the diner, and berates him for not meeting him in the Surf Club for the meeting with Alf regarding the lifesaving. Trey is silent and John ends up physically dragging Trey out of his seat and pushing him out of the diner. Nicole witnesses the whole thing, and after seeing the kind of relationship Trey has with his step-father, she starts to have doubts about whether she should have signed the petition.

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