Episode 4893

Australian Air Date: 9th July 2009
UK Air Date: 22nd July 2009

Jai and Xavier try to cover their tracks. Martha and Hugo confront their feelings for each other. Geoff discovers Lachie is taking out his frustration on Claudia


Written by Faith McKinnon
Directed by Danny Raco

Due to coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial on Seven, this episode was postponed and shown as part of a double episode on 9th July

Extended Summary

Jai is bleeding from his gunshot wound, and neither he nor Xavier are sure what to do. Whilst the bullet has only grazed his arm, its still a nasty deep gash. They go to hospital, where Xavier states that Jai caught his arm on a barbed wire fence. Nurse Sue is evidently suspicious about their story and she voices her concern to Rachel. Xavier sees this and when Rachel heads to examine the wound, the boys have done a runner. Used to dealing with injuries with Brendan, Xavier bandages Jai and the boys try to keep it quiet. Miles later comments about Jai looking in pain, but Jai denies there’s anything wrong.

The next day, Martha takes the guns around to the beach house, where Geoff and Annie confirm that they belonged to Bruce, who must have hidden them after the gun amnesty. Annie runs into Jai, who doesn’t seem quite himself, and they chat. She playfully hits him with a book, right on his wound, and his subsequent groan of pain confuses Annie – but Jai just states he’s kidding around. She later confides to Ruby she thinks Jai is in serious pain over their break up. After Xavier was being weird earlier, and the news from Geoff that one of the guns is missing, Ruby and Annie confront Xavier, demanding to know what happened. Xavier admits Jai was shot accidentally, and the girls can’t believe it. Jai and Xavier convince them not to go to the Police, but after they agree, Annie tells Jai she wants nothing to do with him anymore. Does Jai have no hope of getting back together with Annie now?

Martha and Hugo talk following their kiss. Martha says that she can’t deny her feelings for Hugo, but she’s not sure she’s ready for a relationship with him, she needs time to think. She tells Rachel she doesn’t want to betray Jack’s memory, but she can’t deny the way she feels about Hugo. Rachel simply wonders if Martha is ready to let go of Jack. As Hugo tries to track her down, Martha says her own private goodbye to Jack at the beach, before finding Hugo and admitting that she’s willing to try being with him. But they need to take it slow, and keep things to themselves for the time being. Hugo accepts and they kiss.

The post-break up tension between Geoff and Claudia is hard to be around, and Geoff’s guilt over what happened to Lachie is eating away at him. Irene notes the tension, but admits to Geoff she can’t throw Claudia out when she has nowhere to go. Perhaps Geoff should try talking to Lachie again. Geoff decides he should, and he tells Lachie that Claudia lied to both of them, Lachie is the father of the baby after all. Lachie isn’t interested and the conversation only ends in a shouting match, as Lachie is still very angry about the prospect of not walking again. Rachel intervenes and Geoff leaves. Geoff is left worried about Claudia dealing with Lachie when he is so angry, but she assures him it rarely happens to her. Claudia later visits Lachie and he gets irritable again, with Rachel once again having to intervene. Running into Rachel at the Diner, she confirms Geoff’s fears about Claudia – things aren’t well between her and Lachie. and he’s using her as an emotional punchbag. Geoff heads to the hospital, only to discover Lachie berating Claudia.

Scene cut from Episode:
After kissing Hugo, Martha pulls away from him, still uncertain over her feelings. Hugo demands they talk about it, and Martha agrees.