Episode 4892

Australian Air Date: 7th July 2009
UK Air Date: 21st July 2009

Jai and Xavier’s foolishness has dire consequences. Martha struggles with her feelings for Hugo. Angelo and Charlie finally get to the bottom of their complicated relationship.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Having found the rifles in the shed, Jai and Xavier take them to Martha who decides to eventually hand them into the police after talking to Geoff. She leaves them on the verandah and takes the boys home.

Martha drops Xavier off and walks in on Charlie and Hugo hugging, which only fuels her belief they are a couple, something she doesn’t handle well. When Charlie later approaches Martha in the Surf Club, having got the feeling that Martha’s upset with her, Martha states that its obvious ‘they’ are back together. Charlie takes this to mean that Martha has somehow got wind of her recent liaison with Angelo. Meanwhile, May is still having trouble finding somewhere to live, and Angelo offers to let her stay with him. May questions him on his hesitance the day before, but Angelo simply states he was taken by surprise. May is delighted and jumps Angelo in the middle of the diner.

Still upset, Martha later asks Hugo whether he’s seeing Charlie, but Hugo doesn’t understand what her problem is – she didn’t want him, so what does it matter if he is seeing Charlie? Martha is left at a loss to explain her feelings, and finally, after seeing Charlie and Hugo together again later in the day, she has no choice but to confront him. She demands he stop seeing Charlie, she simply cannot handle it. He confesses he isn’t, and before he can get another word out, she kisses him.

Angelo’s investigation into the abalone racket uncovers more evidence that implicates Hugo, having obtained the logbooks from Alf, but Charlie isn’t convinced, she believes he’s after Hugo for personal reasons. Charlie later admits to Hugo that Angelo thinks he is a suspect in the abalone investigation, aswell as thinking him and Charlie are in a relationship. Angelo later calls on Hugo, and interrogates him on whether he’s ever fished for abalone. He says he has, but only within the legal limit, and that he doesn’t appreciate being falsely accused due to his supposed relationship with Charlie. He refuses to cooperate any further, and Angelo heads back to the station to order a tail on Hugo whilst he’s out at sea.

Their unresolved tension still simmering, Charlie learns Angelo has asked May to move in, but when she asks him about it, Angelo tells her it’s none of her business. She needs to work herself out before she tells him what he’s doing wrong. Forced to look more closely at herself, Charlie admits to Angelo she has feelings for him, but she won’t be with him while he’s with May.

Jai and Xavier are back working on Martha’s farm, but can’t resist taking a few pot shots down the paddock when Martha heads into town. When the gun jams momentarily, the boys think little of it. While Xavier is trying to unjam the rifle Jai goes to remove the targets they were using, the gun goes off, shooting Jai.