Episode 4895

Australian Air Date: 10th July 2009
UK Air Date: 24th July 2009

Aden finds out how serious Clint is, and ends up in hospital. Kirsty continues to hide her feelings from Miles. Nicole reconsiders Trey going on the trek.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

After attempting to throw the game, Aden returns home to Belle, who calls him on his behaviour lately, and he snaps at her, unable to tell her the truth. At the Diner, Clint turns up and makes small talk with Belle and Aden, which only serves to further unsettle him. He catches up with Clint and tells him on no uncertain terms that he is out, he’s not going to bow to his requests and stop Geoff from playing. Clint tells him he’s making a mistake, and he might regret it when he’s lying in a hospital bed or a jail cell, but Aden points out that if he ends up in jail, he’d be taking Clint down with him. With that he walks away and Clint is seething. Meanwhile, Geoff goes to see Tony and explains about Aden being involved with a bookie.

Miles is still in baby mode, having bought a book and desperate to get started, though Kirsty is less enthused. Unable to tell him she’s not ready, she’s still on the pill, she tries to talk him down – he needs to be patient as it might take a while. Colleen is intrigued when Kirsty orders a decaf at the Diner, along with Miles attempting to order a wheatgrass juice, and begins to put the clues together, telling Leah that Kirsty must be pregnant. After a long day, a stressed Kirsty orders a coffee from Leah, who questions her on Colleen’s theory, and Kirsty confirms they are indeed trying for a baby. However, when she serves Kirsty her coffee, Kirsty’s contraceptive pills accidentally fall out of her bag, forcing her to cover – they’re just old ones. But Leah is left more than a touch curious about what’s going on.

Nicole is having second thoughts about Trey coming not on the trek, especially after seeing him with his step-father. She tries to connect with him, but he’s clearly in a bad place, thinking everyone hates him. – she tells him that she doesn’t hate him as much he hates himself. Feeling sorry for him, and partially responsible for the bad place he’s in now, Nicole asks Bartlett to allow Trey to go on the trek. He considers it, and then agrees. John passes on the good news to Trey, who seems like he’s buoyed by this turn of events…until we see him looking up a website on making bombs. What is Trey planning?

Geoff and Nicole find Aden on the beach later, bloody and bruised, having been beaten up by Clint. When Belle comes to the hospital to see him, having spoken to Tony, he confesses everything to her – how he wanted to get the engagement ring, and got in deep with Clint to do it. He’s sorry for ruining everything. Tony interrupts the moment and tells Aden that he has no choice but to drop him from the team. When Belle brings Aden home later, he says that he obvious misread Belle, and he knows she wouldn’t have said yes to his proposal. In an emotional speech, Belle tells him she loves him, and that after realising life is too short, she wants to be with him and doesn’t want to wait any more. He asks her what this means, and whether she wants him to ask again. She says no – she wants to do it herself. Belle asks Aden to marry her.

Scene cut from Episode:
Aden visits Geoff, telling him of Clint’s latest demand – that Geoff not play the next game. Geoff tells Aden if he doesn’t tell Tony about all this, he will.