Episode 4900

Australian Air Date: 17th July 2009
UK Air Date: 31st July 2009

Martha is saddened by Colleen’s reaction to her and Hugo. The desperate search begins for Jai and Annie. Trey prepares to unleash his explosive revenge.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

Extended Summary

Martha is saddened by Colleen’s reaction to the news she and Hugo are now dating – but she assures Hugo that she isn’t having doubts about the relationship. Alf tries to talk Colleen around but she’s not listening – she’s worried about Martha’s reputation, moving on so quickly with another member of Tony’s family. Alf suggests to Martha that she tries to talk to Colleen again. Martha talks her feelings through with Colleen with out any success and so she and Hugo decide to break the news of their romance to Gina in the city, giving themselves a holiday as well.

Miles, Bartlett and Palmer go looking for Jai and Annie just before night fall, leaving Kirsty in charge of the students. Xavier tells Miles that Jai didn’t seem very well, but can’t bring himself to tell him about Jai’s wound. They don’t find Jai and Annie and start making their way back to the campsite. Nicole and Trey have a moment at the campsite which leads to him trying to kiss her – she slaps him and tells him to get lost in a very public manner. Kirsty resolves to let John deal with Trey once he’s come back from searching. Against Bartlett’s wishes, Miles goes back into the bush to continue searching, but as darkness falls he is frustrated that he hasn’t yet found them. When Palmer and Bartlett return, Kirsty tells them what Trey has done. The sun goes down and Jai and Annie end up spending all night in the bush.

Jai’s wound is getting worse, and he now has a fever to accompany it. Annie insists they make they way back to the track as it’ll make them easier to find – Jai is struggling, but she helps him on. The next morning the SES start their search, but they are hampered by the fact another emergency has happened that day. Bartlett insists the rest of the students head back to Summer Bay for their own safety – helping with the search could lead to another going missing. Everyone is hassling Trey about making a move on Nicole, and John is exasperated with him. Ruby tells Xavier about Charlie and Angelo and he is furious. Bartlett and Miles continue to search on their own and discover Jai’s pack. Annie and Jai are trying to find the main group when Jai collapses. Miles and Bartlett eventually discover Annie and Jai, but it’s clear Jai is in a very bad way, and Annie tells them how the wound happened. Alf hears about the kids being lost on the trek. Geoff insists on joining him on the search. Alf and Geoff head out to look for them and eventually the word gets through to Alf to meet them on the old fire trail to take Jai to hospital.

The remainder of the students, including Nicole, Ruby and Xavier, get back on the bus to go to town, along with Palmer and Kirsty. As they climb on board it becomes clear Trey is up to something. Once everyone is on board Trey, deeply affected by everyone’s treatment of him, stands in front of the bus and menacingly announces that it is wired to blow up.