Episode 4899

Australian Air Date: 16th July 2009
UK Air Date: 30th July 2009

Martha and Hugo’s relationship comes up against some unexpected opposition. Miles finds out Kirsty has been lying to him. Jai and Annie get lost on the trek, and what is Trey planning?


Written by James Walker
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

Extended Summary

Now that Martha and Hugo’s relationship has been discovered by Angelo, and after Xavier catches them kissing, they decide it is time that the relationship was out in the open. Xavier is happy for them, as are Tony and Alf once they are told about the relationship. they attempt to tell Colleen, but she is run off her feet at the Diner, as the rugby carnival is taking place – they decide to come back later. Irene, who is looking after Ollie whilst Miles and Kirsty are on the trek, is called in to help. Geoff agree’s to look after Ollie, but finds this quite challenging and he ends up snapping at him. Irene arrives home as this is happening and after difussing the situation asks Geoff what’s going on. Geoff admits to Irene he partly did this because he’s upset about what happened with Claudia, and that his chance at parenthood has been taken away. Later, Martha and Hugo go back to the Diner to tell Colleen about their relationship, and they decide to tell Leah too. Leah is happy for them, but Colleen most definitely isn’t, retreating to the kitchen at the first oppurtunity, and leaving Martha confused about her reaction.

Ruby is planning on getting Jai and Annie back together on the trek. Annie is not happy that Xavier still hasn’t handed the gun into the police and is hiding it at the farm. The trek gets underway and it is obvious that Jai’s arm is still causing him pain. When Annie and Jai are placed together to make their way to the campsite, Annie end up talking to Jai – sbut only because she notices his wound seems to be getting infected. Jai’s exhaustion means he takes a short cut on the trek, going around a hill instead of over it and he is followed by Annie. They end up getting lost away from the others and isn’t long before Miles and Bartlett realise that they are missing. Blood poisoning to the wound makes Jai ill and he ends up collapsing.

Trey is not happy about going on the trek but his father insists, having gone to a lot of trouble to get him on the trek in the first place. Trey finds out that he was only allowed on the trek because of Nicole and after talking to her about it, he seems to have made some kind of inner peace with her. He ends up crossing out Nicole’s name off of the list of names he has been keeping. Miles senses that Kirsty isn’t that keen about going on the trek. Leah tells Irene about finding Kirsty’s contraceptive pills, and the pair realise that Kirsty is not sure about having a baby. Miles finds Kirsty’s contraceptive pills whilst on the trek and he and Kirsty end up arguing – however, this is cut short by the realisation that Jai and Annie are missing.