Episode 4898

Australian Air Date: 15th July 2009
UK Air Date: 29th July 2009

Kirsty seems to have doubts about having a baby with Miles. Charlie is reluctant to commit to Angelo. Angelo’s pursuit of Hugo heats up.


Written by Sarah Duffy
Directed by Scott Hartford-Davis

Extended Summary

May is devastated that Angelo has kissed Charlie – she has realised that Angelo must have been involved with Charlie before their break-up. Angelo hopes to be with Charlie now but Charlie wants more time before she can commit to a relationship. Charlie admits she’s worried about everyone’s reaction if she did go out with Angelo. May tells Miles she doesn’t feel like going on the trek now she’s broken up with Angelo and saw him kissing Charlie. May gets a job offer at a school in the city and decides to resign and move. She says goodbye to Angelo, unwittingly letting slip to various officers at the police station that Charlie and Angelo are now an item. May accuses Charlie of not having the guts to be seen with Angelo in public. Charlie tries to tell Martha about her and Angelo but she can’t go through with it – but May’s words make Charlie decide to commit to Angelo once and for all.

Alf is beginning to think maybe there’s something going on between Martha and Hugo after watching their interactions at the bar. Xavier notices Hugo has been distracted lately. Angelo hassles Hugo about the Indonesian after he goes missing, but Hugo pleads ignorance. Angelo watches Hugo go out at night on his boat. When he questions Hugo about this the next day, Hugo says he was at home in bed. Hugo asks Charlie if she can get Angelo off his case. Angelo gets a search warrant for Hugo’s boat and admits he suspects Hugo of engaging in illegal abalone fishing. Angelo goes out with a warrant to search Hugo’s yacht – only to find him with Martha. That’s what Hugo has been trying to hide.

Miles is telling everyone that he and Kirsty are planning to have a baby, irritating Kirsty. Kirsty admits to Leah she’s having doubts about having a baby. Leah urges Kirsty to tell Miles this but she is reluctant, and makes Leah promise not to say anything. Miles asks Kirsty to come along on the trek as a replacement for May and she reluctantly agrees.