Episode 4897

Australian Air Date: 14th July 2009
UK Air Date: 28th July 2009

Belle can’t bring herself to tell Aden that she’s dying. Angelo breaks up with May. A tragic incident acts as a wakeup call for Rachel, whilst a mystery patient causes Angelo to be suspicious of Hugo.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Ben Field

Extended Summary

Belle tries to tell Aden about her illness when she gets home, but when he reveals a candlelit dinner and that he now has a job again, she can’t bring herself to do it. The next day, Belle is getting nowhere in the search for her father – she’s been on the phone to her mother Amanda, who has been trying to track him down, but the family have since moved. This upsets Belle, who tells Aden that she really wanted to find him. Aden replies that they have the rest of their lives to find him.

Rachel still thinks Belle should tell Aden about her illness, and she’s worried that she might not be there for her should the baby come early. But Belle can’t bring herself to do it., she’s worried about how Aden will cope. Rachel states that they will all be there for him when the time comes, and that the remaining months should probably be spent focusing on the people she loves rather than facing possible heartache with her dad. With this in mind, and after talking with Aden, Belle decides not to look for her father and spend the time leading up to the wedding being happy – she’ll tell Aden she’s dying after she’s married.

At hospital Rachel treats an Indonesian man without any ID. It is a very hectic day at the hospital when a heavily pregnant woman, Jane arrives with her husband. Owing to the fact things are busy at the hospital, treatment is delayed on Jane, with maternity unable to find her a bed. When they eventually find a bed, Jane is nowhere to be seen. Rachel and Jane’s husband Rex find her collapsed down the corridor. She’s rushed up to maternity, but Rachel later receives a phone call to say that the baby was stillborn. They think the baby died before Jane even arrived at the hospital, but Rex returns and he blames Rachel. The incident acts as a wake up call for Rachel and Julie tells her she should go home. Rachel heads to the gym and breaks down in tears when she sees Tony. She says that she should have listened to him and not keep pushing herself to work when her first priority should be to look after her baby.

Angelo visits the Indonesian man at the hospital, stating that it may be part of one of his investigations, and tries to interrogate him – but the man doesn’t speak any English. Angelo sees Hugo at the hospital and, aware Hugo has lived in Indonesia, asks for Hugo’s help in translating. Hugo says he doesn’t know much Indonesian and the interrogation goes badly. All Hugo manages to get out of him is his name – Clint Eastwood. Hugo says that’s all the Indonesian he knows, but Angelo can’t help but feel that Hugo recognised the man. He states to Charlie how its strange that Hugo would have worked in Indonesia but not picked up more of the language. However before he can get in another interpreter, the Indonesian man does a runner from the hospital.

In the diner, Leah comments to Charlie how well Angelo and May seem to be getting along. When May leaves, Angelo tells Charlie that he is not serious about May – but as Charlie points out, why is he living with her? She tells him that he needs to work out what he wants. Later that day, Angelo meets May on the pier where he tells her that he feels they aren’t going anywhere. His feelings for her aren’t as strong as he thought, and he wants to split up with her. A distraught May asks Leah and Charlie why Angelo would do such a thing. Charlie awkwardly pleads ignorance. Leah suggests maybe things were just moving a bit too fast for Angelo and May leaps on this hopefully.

Angelo tells Charlie he has broken up with May and asks if they can talk. They meet outside the diner and Angelo and Charlie wind up kissing – and are seen by May.

Scene cut from Episode:
Tony is concerned that Rachel is still working at the hospital so close to her delivery date.

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