Suzy causes mayhem between Martha and Hugo. Gina and Xavier try to come to terms with Hugo’s lies. Angelo’s closing in on the man who attacked the Austin boys.


Hugo tries to salvage his relationship with Martha. Suzy brokers a deal with Hugo. Xavier discovers who Gina is dating.


Angelo makes a major breakthrough on the asylum seekers case. Leah tries to ease Miles’ blue mood. Aden gets a new flatmate.


Ruby has a massive health scare. Miles nearly has a car accident and the culprit surprises everyone. Aden acts in haste and has to eat humble pie.


Rachel discovers that Tony has been hiding something from her. Ruby and Geoff get an unwelcome housemate. Miles tries to deal with VJ’s bullies and gets more than he bargained for.


Miles deals with the aftermath of the assault. Nicole and Aden mend their differences. Liam tries to surprise Nicole – and fails.


Nicole and Liam reach an impasse in their relationship. Geoff and Ruby try to find the right moment to sleep together. Miles troubles are complicated.


Martha and Hugo play happy families. Donna DeBono arrives at Irene’s place. Charlie and Angelo have to reopen the investigation into Lou DeBono’s death.


Hugo tries to convince Martha he’s doing the right thing. Xavier juggles two girls. Gina tries to get Xavier to accept John.


Ian makes Miles an offer. Xavier opens up about why he dislikes John. Tony struggles to keep the gym afloat.


Miles responds to Ian’s blackmail attempt. Romeo is frustrated he can’t find work. Romeo’s hatred of John Palmer may be linked to something in his past.


The truth about Riley Radcliffe comes out. Aden is blackmailed into going to the formal. Nicole’s reluctance to sleep with Liam causes problems between them.


Nicole deals with Liam’s declaration that he loves her. Aden, Nicole and Miles go to the Year 12 Formal. Suzy comes back into Hugo’s life.


Martha waits for Hugo to propose – only to receive a massive shock. Tony’s gym is trashed. Geoff interrupts a mystery intruder at Donna’s house.


The mystery at Donna’s house deepens. Angelo’s obsession with Hugo reaches fever pitch. Martha is stunned by Hugo’s decision to break up with her. John makes Tony a proposition about the gym.


Just as it seems he’s about to learn who killed Lou, Angelo is suspended from the force. Aden is struggling with his feelings for Nicole and gets advice from a surprising person. Tony finds his new business partner hard work.


Nicole breaks up with Liam. Ruby and Geoff finally consummate their relationship. Aden leaves town unexpectedly and he isn’t alone!


Aden confides his deepest secret to Nicole. Leah inadvertently sends Miles into a spin. Liam’s tempted by drugs, and help comes from a surprising quarter.


Hugo’s actions disappoint all who love him. Miles gets drunk and his life goes into a tailspin. Derrick mysteriously escapes from police custody.


The Christmas party sees tears, anger, and carol singing. Martha’s life is put in danger. Charlie finally unmasks the mastermind behind the people smuggling racket.

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