Indi has a serious accident. Ruby goes on an undercover mission. Charlie’s confronted by her worst nightmare.


Grant drives a wedge between Ruby and Charlie. Indi is given bad news about her injuries. Annie loses another boyfriend.


Aden finally takes a massive step forward. Brendan is full of surprises. Annie lays down the law to Jai.


Charlie decides that Grant is going to pay for what he’s done. Geoff makes a momentous decision. Xavier and Ruby reach a better place, but for how long?


Charlie tries to find evidence against Grant. Hugo plans to create a new dive attraction. Nicole continues to pursue Sid.


Ruby isn’t sure if she believes Charlie or Grant. Hugo and John Palmer clash over the schooner. Charlie meets with another of Grant’s victims.


Charlie has kidnapped Grant and tries to get him to confess. Geoff tries to convince Aden to work on the trawler with him.


Aden and Geoff struggle to work together on the trawler. Summer Bay is introduced to Romeo Smith. Tony tries to spend more time with Rachel and Harry.SOPHIA MCLEOD (MADELINE ANDREWS)Written by Clare AtkinsDirected by Lee Rogers…


Romeo settles into the Bay. Tony’s understanding about Rachel and Andy reaches breaking point. Nicole goes to extreme lengths to get to Sid.


Miles confronts Sid about Nicole. Charlie tells Morag and Angelo about what happened with Grant. Ruby moves back in with Irene.


Nicole finds out the whole town know about her and Sid. Ruby is terrified to find Grant back in town. Alf makes a grisly discovery.


Summer Bay deals with the shock of Grant’s murder. A new detective makes waves when he arrives in town. Aden starts to suspect Geoff has feelings for Ruby.


Liam gets a hostile reception when he returns to the Bay. Charlie becomes convinced Robertson has it in for her. Robertson strikes sparks with Leah.


Hugo and Martha meet Brendan’s girlfriend. Palmer’s battle against Hugo goes up a notch. Miles is not happy to discover Liam has moved to Summer Bay. Romeo helps Jai get his confidence back.


Gina’s not happy to learn of Brendan and Ruby’s budding friendship. Are Aden and Geoff slowly becoming mates? Xavier and Ruby’s relationship is at a crossroads


A death threat hangs over Hugo. Xavier has a bad day and ends up in hospital. Its a roller coaster of a day for Gina.


Miles reveals that Kirsty’s pregnant. Against her better judgment, Nicole agrees to meet with Liam. Tony tries to fill the void in Gina’s life, now that she won’t be looking after Brendan.


Robertson drives a wedge between Charlie and Angelo. Leah’s asked out on a date. Life’s becoming complicated for Annie, Jai and Romeo.


Robertson believes he might have cracked Grant’s murder case. Baby Harry and his parents aren’t sleeping and try a geographical cure. Fate sees to it that Romeo and Annie keep getting thrown together.


Hugo and Martha battle with Palmer. Hugo receives more hate mail over his proposal. Miles and Kirsty reach an impasse over marriage. Romeo continues to pursue Annie.

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