Annie finds herself dreaming about Romeo. Charlie uncovers the truth about Angelo. Rachel struggles with motherhood.


Tony tries to get Rachel to see she has a problem. Miles and Kirsty still don’t know what to do about their future. Things heat up for Nicole and Liam.


Angelo reveals to Charlie the real reason behind his return to Summer Bay. Nicole and Liam’s fling becomes more than a one night stand. Xavier asks Geoff to stay away from Ruby.


Charlie refuses to believe Angelo’s allegations about Hugo. Martha’s past comes back to haunt her. Ross arrives in town to meet with Charlie for a mysterious reason.


Hugo turns up the pressure on Ruby about her alibi. Romeo can’t deny his growing feelings for Annie. Leah and Robertson go on a date.


Rachel returns from being away with a plan for the future. Annie is convinced Romeo is her secret admirer. Annie and Jai must compete to leave Summer Bay.


Tony is having trouble dealing with Rachel’s request to go back to work. Liam and Nicole go on a pseudo-date. Aden and Geoff argue over the trawler. Sparks fly when Gina meets John Palmer.

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Robertson busts Charlie’s alibi over Grant’s death. Nicole is publically serenaded by Liam. Geoff gets an idea that Aden has feelings for Nicole.

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A surprise arrest is made over Grant’s murder. Xavier feels he’s lost everything. Martha and John square off in a public debate.

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Robertson lays murder charges. Leah confronts her feelings. Romeo issues Annie a challenge.

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Miles is concerned by Jai’s continuing bad moods. Romeo has a big decision to make and someone will get hurt by it. Rachel’s return to work causes unforseen problems.

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Aden and Liam call a truce. Tony and Rachel struggle to find a balance between work and parenting. Kirsty and Miles take Harry for a tumultuous day.

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Kirsty is sick and the cause is unknown. Hugo’ schooner is cut loose and the search leads to a horrific discovery. Tony accepts Rachel’s return to work.


Hugo is dealing with the discovery of the bodies. Kirsty doesn’t deal with losing her baby. Jai and Romeo are still fighting about Annie.


Miles is worried about Kirsty’s state of mind. Annie considers going to Japan. Liam distracts Nicole from study.


Nicole can’t handle Liam breaking up with her. Ruby is diagnosed with diabetes. Aden discovers Palmer isn’t telling the truth.


Ruby and Geoff finally get together. Election Day has arrived in Summer Bay. Romeo and Xavier make an unexpected discovery.


Martha forms an attachment to Bambang, unaware Angelo plans on using him as bait to bring down the people smuggling ring. Geoff and Ruby decide to go public about their new relationship. Xavier has a rebound relationship.


Shelley Sutherland returns to Summer Bay. Kirsty returns from the hospital, but can’t connect with Miles. Hugo and Martha argue over Bambang.


Kirsty makes a final decision about her future in the Bay. Romeo and Xavier decide to use Liam’s place for a party – with disastrous consequences. Miles finally makes a breakthrough with Kirsty.

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